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Help with id please
Help with id please
Help with id please
A one inch something, sold as a blue acara. Tries to rule the tank, battered a 3 inch gourami, thinks it's mike Tyson. Has a black line on the side and a black square behind the line. Has mild blue sparkles on its face, a red tinge to its top fin, also has a black mark near to tail fin, goes brown striped when fierce.
posted by: veronica ranbits

Sep 3rd, 2017
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Alexander Langer (a) » posted 2017/09/04 02:45 pm  
as said in the other picture, could be true. Aquidens (blue acara) are known to be aggressive sometimes.
Alexander Langer (a) » posted 2017/09/04 02:45 pm
Dee Casta » posted 2017/09/09 06:09 pm  
Its a jack dempsey
Dee Casta » posted 2017/09/09 06:11 pm  
Its probably not a good idea if you have it in a tank with gourami & tetras. Its going to kill everything in the tank. It needs to be with other aggressive fish.

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Alexander Langer

Alexander Langer

still no idea, but very nice shot
Sammy Ramos

Alexander Langer

cool, awesome shot!
Alexander Langer

No idea, since its full colors are not developed yet. Maybe wait a bit unt
Alexander Langer

Hello Diana, welcome to the site :-) Nice shot!
Alexander Langer

welcome back to the hobby :)