Hello, everyone! | by Julia M

Hello, everyone!

Here are some of my pretty boys. I haven't updated any pictures because my 125 still doesn't look how I want it to. However, I have a question for you all! I am getting some discus for Christmas, and I need a better heater. I'm tired of paying $20+ for heaters that last a year. Can anyone name a quality heater that they have used for years?


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Like the fish! I've been using 2 Fluval M150's and they haven't let me down nd keep a nice steady temp... There are plenty of god ones out there.
i have an Odyssea for my 125 tank.. its been working fine for 4-5 years now and still running strong
I use and like ebo jager. However, I do have some advice. go with 2 heaters, like 100 watt at each end of the tank, instead of one 300 watt heater. When a 300 watt heater fails it has the power to cook your tank. Too many nice fish have been boiled...
Cobalt has a new set out and the biggest that is suppose to be for 90 gallons max keeps my 150 where it needs to be i would recommend cobalt.
Nice fish...go with two heaters with a 6 ft. tank....keeps water temp. more evenly too...Good luck
Thanks for the advice everyone! :)