Happy birthday to me! | by Julia M

Happy birthday to me!

I'm so excited to have a 125g.


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Happy Birthday pretty lady!! :)
Hope it's a good one!
Sweet! Nice to meet ya
Very Nice!!
Happy Birthday
Happy b'day
Thank you everyone :)
Happy birthday nice tank
Also nice to meet you nice to put a face to a name
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday! What'cha puttin in it?
Happy Birthday That would look great with some Tanganika featherfins i.e. Cyathopharynx foai (Moliro) Cyathopharynx furcifer (Kigoma) Cyathopharynx furcifer (Moliro) Ophthalmotilapia nasuta (Kipili) Any of these :) Just a few to let you see how beautiful they are !!!
Happy B Day!!!!!
Happy bday! what type filtration are you planning on?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it was all you wished for. Congrats on the new tank. Nice to meet you, also.
Happy Bday. And congrats for your new tank.
Happy Birthday.......!!
You're all so sweet, thanks so much! I hope to turn my 55 gallon into a discus tank and this tank into more of a Malawi hap tank. As far as a filter though, I want to get a Cascade, unless someone has had better luck with another brand?
I really love my fluval 406. I use it with an aquaclear I think 50 on my 75 long. You would prob need more for a 125 but I think fluval is a great brand
I like the discus idea and me personally I like the cascade I have 2 on my 180
Here's some reviews for the cascade on cichlid-forum. There's also other canister filter reviews. http://www.cichlid-forum.com/reviews/view_product_details.php?id=1060
A fluval FX-5 would be perfect for a tank this size but they are a bit pricey. I have owned many Fluvals with no problems whatsoever and they are super quiet. You dont even know they are running.
Sweet present, happy bday
Totally agree with Wes. I would say the fx5 too. It is pricey tho. If money doesn't matter you probably can't go wrong with that. Wes is a know it all!
LOL, yep, that's me. Bullwinkle! lol
Happy Late Birthday !
Happy Birthday Beautiful! Have fun scapeing it out and adding cool fish! LOL George. I thought I was the only one who thought Wes was a know it all!
Happy Birthday, I will be looking to upgrade to a 125g within the year.
nice Birthday present...Happy Birthday
i was thrilled when i got my 125. now it seems small lol. congrats Julia
that's awesome, Happy Birthday
Thank you for all the happy birthdays and input :) I just looked at the FX-5...the price is depressing. Ill have to get something less expensive. Next on my list: find or build a stand for it
Happy Birthday !!
sometimes one gets to see something more beautiful than fish in this site, happy BD, greetings from México
HB!!! nice to meet you ......just put a sump!!!!like mine!!!!congrats :)
hey david de donde eres???? were you from??? im in tijuana
mexico city dude que paso compatriota
Aqui nomas tengo criadero de ciclidos!!!! Nice to mmet you my friend!!!
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