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Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster
Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster
Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster
posted by: anonymous

Aug 12th, 2004
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(anonymous) » posted 2004/08/18 05:44 pm  
i did have one of them about 2 years ago. what dose it eat? i was thinking about getting one, but i dont know if it would be compatible with my tank, i have a bumblebee about 3in long, a blue peacock about 2in long, a lepard channel cat about 4in long, a longnose gar about 7in long, and some other fish i dont kno what it is but it is about 212 in long
(anonymous) » posted 2004/08/18 05:45 pm  
thats supposed to be 2 and a half not 212
(anonymous) » posted 2004/08/28 10:49 pm  
if you add any fish in a tank with a blue crayfish (which is what this is, not a lobster) - when your cray molts it will be eaten. also, crays need to kept in non-heated tanks as 70-72 degrees is max for them. for more info.
(anonymous) » posted 2004/08/31 11:17 pm  
Thanks for the info Aleesha, it would have been cheaper had I bought it there. I must point out, however, that my freshwater lobster has molted twice and I have yet to see any of the other fish try to take a nibble.
(anonymous) » posted 2004/09/11 02:38 pm  
i just got one to i think there great mine is with a pair of green terrors and a pleco all get along well you just need to keep the crayfish well fed
(anonymous) » posted 2004/10/04 10:03 am  
Nelson, I have never seen a crayfish that looked that much like a lobster.
(anonymous) » posted 2004/10/04 10:23 am  
I will say I just got on the Crayfish site and they do look like my Lobster fish, but the claws on mine do seem longer. I am not familer with this fish.
(anonymous) » posted 2004/11/13 02:33 pm  
I have one and his name is pinchy and he just sheded out of his old shel the other day!
(anonymous) » posted 2004/12/10 09:12 pm  
I put a 2 1/2 inch blue lobster in my 55 with some africans and a 6 1/2 inch jack dempsey. The lobster snapped at the jack and my jack tore his ass up.
No more lobster.
(anonymous) » posted 2004/12/30 04:44 pm  
I just added an Australian Blue Lobster (about 3 2 1/2 inch)to a 55 gallon tank with a couple monos, a scat, 2 pictus catfish and a puffer. Do these lobsters eat fish?
(anonymous) » posted 2005/01/13 12:15 am  
Yeah, they will eat fish, but they have to be small enough for them to eat and slow enough for them to catch. One of my danios disappeared mysteriously a few months ago and the lobster remains the only suspect.
(anonymous) » posted 2005/02/11 12:24 am  
i had 2 frogs in a 55 gal when i introduced my blue lobster. lobster maimed one so bad it died & i had to transfer the other into a friendly tank.
(anonymous) » posted 2005/02/28 12:32 am  
i just bout a blue crayfish a few weeks ago i think hes awsome how often do they molt?
(anonymous) » posted 2005/03/03 05:04 am  
is there anyway that i can mate blue lobsters? do you know the difference between male and female.. a pic would be very helpful. would they be too territorial?
(anonymous) » posted 2005/03/04 12:26 am  
My lobster has eggs under her tail. I only have the one lobster, which turned out to be a she not a he. can the eggs be fertile. She was in a tank with other lobsters at the store. I have only had her a couple of weeks. if they are not fertile what will happen to them when she is done with them?
(anonymous) » posted 2005/03/13 12:49 pm  
I have had these in the past and they are the coolest, I remember I got one at Petsmart for like $14.99, Now I see them for like $30.00 or more. I never had a problem with mine he lived about 4 years. He molted about 4-6 times a year and ate his shell.They are awesome.
(anonymous) » posted 2005/03/13 01:36 pm  
I have a Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster. Right now he is alone in a 15 gal tank. I would like to add a convict to keep him company. Would they be able to get along in the same tank?

(anonymous) » posted 2005/03/13 01:41 pm  
I have a Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster. Right now he is alone in a 15 gal tank. I would like to add a convict to keep him company. Would they be able to get along in the same tank?

(anonymous) » posted 2005/03/18 08:53 pm  
I recently notice that my Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster is starting to shed. Right now he is at the bottom of my tank and has already shed the head and tail portion. How long does the whole process take?
(anonymous) » posted 2005/03/19 05:12 pm  
Not sure how long it takes for him to molt. It is important not to remove the shell once he is out of it. He will eat the shell. Apparently it is a source of nutrition for him. Also, make sure he has a place to hide until his new shell hardens.
(anonymous) » posted 2005/03/27 01:40 pm  
Thanks for the info but my Lobster died shortly after molting. What precautions should I take next time I purchase another? What should I do for it when it starts to molt? There was no "Care Manual" when I got him from Liveaquaria/Dr. Fosters Smith.
Dan Goodwin » posted 2010/12/07 12:34 pm  
I have had several of these Hammer Blue's. They are amazing to look at and are actually fairly easy to care for. If yours died after molting, it is likely because the water temp was insufficient, or there weren't proper hiding places. Once they molt their new 'shell' is very soft and the lobsters are vulnerable for a few days. In the future, make sure the crayfish (they are actually a species of crayfish, not a true lobster) have places they can hide where other fish cannot get at them. Other than that, give them sinking food (I use reconstituted shrimp pellets). I have a large Blue male and a smaller Marble colored female in my tank right now. The females have been observed to reproduce on their own before without a mate. They cell-divide and have fertile eggs without a mate. You will see the eggs carried in the small fin-like organs under the tail. When the young are born, they will probably be eaten by other fish, and sometimes the mother.

I have read a few comments in here about not removing the old shell after a molt, because the lobster will eat its old shell. This is not necessarily true. Wile they will eat their old shells, that only happens if they are not getting the proper nutrition from their food. I remove the old shells as soon as possible after a molt, as they can rot and jack up the nitrite levels in the tank.
lee foster » posted 2010/12/07 01:10 pm
had a few of these over years, good for cleaning up after cichlids but have lost a couple of dwarf plecs tho!

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Alexander Langer

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Its a jack dempsey
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