HELP My fish are dying!  | by Jennifer Morford

HELP My fish are dying!

Help! All my fish are sick and dying as you know, my syno and orange finned loach died two days ago and now my paradoxus is dead too. All of my fish have cloudy eyes and are not eating! I cleaned the tank four days ago and everything seemed fine, but now they are dying! I did a 25% water change this morning and added more salt and have done a 'general cure' two times now! My water conditions have gone frome fine to horrible! My Nitrates are at 160 (I'm using the quick dip test strips) my nitrites are at 5 and and the PH is at the higest the strip can say at, 8.4! Please please help. I don't know what went wrong, I normally do a gut cleaning of my filters once a month so it's not like it was the first time I did that. I had to use vinegar on two of the fake plants to get some algea off, but that's the only abnormal thing I've done. I rinsed them several times as well as soaking them in just water before putting them back in too. I don't know how long the syno and orange finned loach sat in there dead, but it couldn't have been more than 5-6 hrs. I don't want to lose all my fish, please help!


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Crap, I just lost my cylindricus! I have no idea what is going on!
ive never heard of usin vinagar so i wouldnt do that again,maybe anothe 25 to 40% water change,have you tessed ammonia,try not addin any other meds or anything
Is it safe to do another water change again? Did the dead syno and loach 'spoil' the water or something too? I had seen on here that others would wash their new rocks in a bit of vinegar to start with. What kind of disease or fungus could this be?
im sorry but im clueless but if they still dying then yes try another 25% wait for some more oppinions but i would do a good water change,im still leary of the vinegar thing for vinegar pickles stuff, which is the last thing a fish tank needs,and its so stronf like when you get it on your hands you can wash and wash YOUR HANDS but you still dont want to wipe youR eyes or anything,i would say NO TO VINEGAR EVER AGAIN,AND AGAIN DEPENING ON HOW FISH ARE CURENTLY DOIN i would delute it as much as possible for i think the vinegar is the prob,sorry for the caps,my typin skills suck
you Jennifer just to be safe i might even pull out them plants you used the venegar on,and as crazy as it sounds take a good sniff or even a tint taste to see if you taste any vinagar,good luck
I clean with a home made vinegar solution all the time, so I'm pretty immune to the smell now LOL I'll do another change when I get up in the morning and pull the plants. I'm upset my stupidity is killing my fish...all the money going down the drain too. I'll stop the meds for now too, thank you, I really appreciate the help.
have you checked the PH in the tank because vinegar has a PH level of about 3 if my memory is right . I agree with Tony , I'd pull the plants & everything that you washed in vinegar make a water change , check water parameters & do it again if need be.
vinegar is pure acid.. I have never heard of using it on anything in an aquarium.. Even when i clean my glass on the tanks, I spray the cleaner on a rag in a different room cause the overspray can get in through the top or get sucked in the intake of the air pump, and taint the water...
I would think if your levels are that high, you could do at least a 40% water change to try and bring those levels down. Clean the substrate and inside glass before changing the water. I wouldn't touch the filters. I would also pull all deco from the tank, soak everything in a bleach water solution, in a clean (well rinsed), soap free, rubbermaid container or bucket designated only to your fish keeping. I use roughly a half cup of bleach in an 18gal tote. Soak for a while (I use this method to kill algae on fake plants and rocks). After soaking, drain water and refill with clean water then add your aquarium chem that removes chlorine from your water. Let it soak in that solution until you can no longer smell bleach on the individual pieces. Some pieces may need to soak in that a little longer than others. Best of luck.
i've used vinegar for taking hard water deposits off tank glass and had no problems before , it is an acid but i'm not thinking that it should be affecting your tank especially with a ph of over 8 . if it was your ph would be falling instead of climbing . did you clean the gravel and the filters at the same time? if so you might have put your tank into new tank syndrome and your now looking at a fresh cycle with high ammonia . your beneficial bacteria probably arent there to buffer and keep your nitrates and such in check . try to see if your lfs has any bacteria cultures to add , i'd recommend Biozyme from Aquarium Products . i use it when ever i do a tank re decorate or break down for moving and never had any problems with new tank syndrome yet . good luck .
Uggh, I just did a 30% water change and found one more dead, a skunk botia. The only fish that is ok is my Portal and she's being nasty to all the sick...can't blame the nature though. My acei can hardly see and two of my FM's aren't doing so hot. I removed all decor that was cleaned with vinegar...I didn't even use that much of it, probably four tbs to at least a gallon and a half of water. I just threw them away instead of trying to clean them, they didn't smell of vinegar though. I added stress zyme to it because of the bacteria in it and some salt, but I'll hold off on anything else. I've always been scared of something like this happening, but I always take good care of my tank. This sucks
sorry for you to go through this i had a heating issue cost me major grief in a 125 last 20 somethin fish,its not cheap either,get some more input here but i would keep doin exactly what your doin and keep monitorin water daily for at least a couple days,do you have another tank goin? and how many fish left?
I'm moving in three weeks so the only other tank I have going is a 5 gallon (lol) I have 9 fish left and two 'bottom' feeders, 1 skunk botia and a clown pleco. I know that I've lost about $100 so far, approx for what my lfs would sell them for. The syno was as a juvie was $30 and I've had him for a little over a year now. I'm going to miss the syno the most. I don't care about the deco I threw's the fish dying that's killing me. If I lose my Acei, I might as well shut it all down. The first fish I ever got was the albino red top zebra and he's doing better than most though. As soon as I get the keys to the new house in about two weeks I'm rushing all the tanks over first. Let's just keep our fingers crossed I have fish to put in them. Can I do another water change tomorrow or wait 48 hrs?
i would say yes maybe 30% again,have you checked the water today?
good luck Jennifer...
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