Who doesnt like a nice GT? | by Colton Dow

Who doesnt like a nice GT?


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Sorry Barb, i didnt mean to double post this pic, you can remove the other one! Thanks, Colton Dow
I also kept some sting rays with them, and 2 female terror, it was a great American tank, i also kept some Geophagus Braziliensis which i am getting ready to ship to France(of all places)
You have some great looking new world cichlids colton. i started out my cichlid hobby with new world cichlids many years ago but slowly hopped continents.
well, you had some real nice N.W.'s
Thanks guys
Why did you stop keepiing new world cichlids???
Umm, i have a personal attachment to tanganyika for some reason.
the african cichlids all look the same they have different colors and the same look. THEY'RE BORING. every species of new world is different and exciting and they could take out any african any day. whoooo.
Hmm, well i like Tanganyikan, i do feel as though a lot of the Malawian fish do look very similar, but Tnag. fish have so much depth, they have a lot of personality, new world have a lot of personality too, i probably will restart my N.W. tank when i finish my latest project!
next to mine(lol just jokin), this is the most beutiful green terror i have ever seen.
Haha,i dont see a pic of our GT!
i agree about the malawi's well some anyway, i personally like peacocks and haps but i have 3 mbunas and i find them to be a little on the agressive side and a little boring also, but i do really like tanganyika's i have brichardi's, leleupi, julie marlieri, and 2 shell dwellers can't remember what they are called, and i find they have more personality and much more beautiful
oh and i forgot i have a calvus also , i use to have a compressiceps but it just died
How did the comp. die?
i've posted my gt.
Okay, i saw it, nice female!
actually i don't even know what happened to the compressiceps, it was like there one day next gone so i figured well its dead someone maybe the pleco probably ate it after it died but i only had it for a couple weeks it was about an inch and half big my calvus is way smaller he is still there, maybe there was just something wrong with him
Wow, thats a young compressiceps! THey take forever to grow! About 9 years to get some decent size on them, i like to just get them a little older!
g,day colton Ive written something on your geophagus. But had to ask you. (because you seem known). How can i tell the differ with Aequendis Rivulatis) M/F
Nice GT.
Awsome GT, would love to have one in my NW tank but really don't need another bully on the block to upset the delicate balance of power.
I thought GT is a Car trim? of course those who loves recall would love it, i bet you spend most of your money for these fishes. In our place these fish is sold for .75 cents a pound! .. and they taste delicioso with sweet and sour sauce too!