Gnathochromis permaxillaris | by Sarka Javurkova

Gnathochromis permaxillaris


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Looks like a neat fish, but why is he out of the water?
definitely not happy that this fish is out of the water.. they are one of the best tangs. Also, what size tank are they in? in the next picture, the tank looks small compared to their size. smiles are only for the fish, not that it is out of the water.
I was considering a group of these with some featherfins for my 125, but wanted to go a new route and try angels and breed most of the plecos I wanted to breed before doing it.
sound like a plan Tang O
think 4 seconds is a fish without water mortal :)? And as you hunt fish from one tank to another? We used net and the fish is also about 4 seconds without water. As far as preparing for a larger tank, this is 450 liters 180 cm length, but it is written in the presentation, you can read it :-)
cool fish
Not the air, the slime coat and disease. Great fish tho!