Must Love Frontosas! | by Colton Dow

Must Love Frontosas!


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Nice Front, Do you find its better to have less substrate?
Nice Front, Do you find its better to have less substrate?
he is incredible! how big is he and how big is you tank? i see another set of fins in th epic, how many fronts total? Someday, i will have a front tank... someday.
Umm, i think yes, substrate is good for beneficial bacteria, but too much just holds waste, you know? If you like tanganyikans, wait till you see my newly made 125 tanganyikan grow out tank, its awesome! Ill post in about a week, i need the finishing touches before i reveal it, lol, thanks for the comments
amazing fish, definantly worth a lot of money!
Please dont do a front tank unti. you are ready to spend a sh*t load of $, this is a 220, there are 2 mles, 9 females, all 6 stripe burundis, ill show pics with the rest of my pics, this is just a sample, lol, the small 125 has his fry in it(not fry, juvies about 4 inches) he is 10 inches, give or take a little
sorry im typing like crap cause i broke 2 of my fingers, the tank is 220, the fish is not 220 $
Nice coloration! Looks more like one of the southern "zaire blue" types than the northern burundi. Magnificent fish!
You know, i thought that too, but hes wild and he was caught in the Burundi bay, maybe he swam over, lol, even though thats not really likely
If i just saw this fish, i would say zaire too, but the fry are DEFINATELY burundi, maybe this guy was just screwing with me when he said burundi, ive raised him from 3 inches
Thanks Tonya
Gotta love them Fronts, We do : )
thanks i like the picture. I have 2 of them. great fish. I like that u r postin pics
Who couldnt post pics of this wonderful fish!
he's a real looker colton. how old is he?
He is six years old! He is a Grandpa in my opinion!
that's a good age. nice fish.
Ya, i love this little guy!
that is a beautiful fish WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks tom, six years of hard work with very positive results!
nice fish!
Lol, everyone sure loves this guy, My daughter named him Willy, i dont know why!
They live for 20 years with proper care, he's probably still in his prime. He'll put on a few more inches too.
very very nice fish ! i have fronts also - burundi but mine are still littel yet about 4 inches now, but they are great fish & i am so glad i went in that direction & cant wait till mine are this big... they are lovely !!!!
Im expecting him to get 12.5, he is wild after all!
Thanks Kristy
Do his juvies have the same deep-blue color or do they look like regular burundi's?
They look like regular burundis! Its so bizzare!
wow great front prob. one of the best I have seen in a while
How come Paul Jett hasn't posted a comment? LOL! His (Front) doesn't hold a candle to yours! Super Fish Colton! Can't wait for your Tang. Tank.
Very nice fish! Im just starting but hope to own some of these some day.....
I didn't post because It looks like a half breed you see how his stripes bled together, even colton thinks it looks like something its not and I usually like to make positive comment. But anyway my fronts are not my best fish. I see you have a lot of fish polock.
Hmm, well Paul whatever you say! Its stripes are like that because of its maturity and dominance!
I don't understand why spend a great deal of Money on fishes like this. you guys don't really know that fish growing is so basic fishfarmer can do it and so can you, wild took care of them, I bet wild is too expensive ha?
So it is true that fronts prefer to live in a small colony of their own? Mine is a zaire- he doesnt come out of his ship, and when he does he has a tiff with another cichlid. Or they are too busy eating. He also rearrages the tank from the background-Always moving rocks.
Where is the OTHER STRIPE new species?
Ballpark comment here: Exceptional Front. I believe people (in cue with sally's comment) spend alot of money on high quality aquarium fish because it is too expensive to purchase scuba gear to swim with them on a 24/7 basis, though lord know if I could afford to, I would be..LOL
<--- curious as to why Colton wouldn't call it a Cyphotilapia Gibberosa (Kapampa).
and by the looks of Pauls fronts, they are really nice, but a different variety....