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My son's flowerhorn - getting big!


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One of my filters is not working properly.....so the algea is growing like crazy!!!! but a new one is on the way! Can anyone tell if this is a male or female, and what foods will help bring out the hump, and even brighter colors? (not worried about food for size: he's only 6 months old and is already at least 10" long!)
WOW!!! Vincent, it is amazing. A friend told me he only used blood parrot food for his. Don't remember the brand but I think it was a red or orange can. Can't help with sex sorry.
Thanks Roger - I'll look into that. If anyone can tell me the sex and kind that would be awesome! I'm thinking rainbow dragon because of the red/green....but honestly I have no idea (bought him from a local pet shop for $5)
awesome fh, its a male, the females always have a black splotch on the dorsal fin, and usually dont get near that big, or grow near that fast, hes a really nice fh, as to what type he is, i cant tell u, but asfar as a food for color, i would feed new life spectrum jumbo fish formula, it is a little expensive, $20 or so a can, but its a good sized can, and its an all in 1 food, its pretty much a complete diet, its what i feed all my geophagus, and my plecos. i feed my red devil new life spectrum jumbo formula, and his color is insane, click on my name and check him out. asfar as the hump goes, theirs not much you can due if it hasnt developed any further than that by now, it will probably get alittle bigger with age, but not like the ones u see from taiwan. personally i dont like the HUGE humps, i no thats what makes a fh very expensive, but i would much rather have 1 like yours, looks more natural imo. new life spectrum will probably bring out quite a bit more color on him though, i would try it for a few weeks and see what u think. hope this helps:)
Wow, so big already. Very nice.
Thank you! I'll give it a try (your their sales rep right? :) !)
your very welcome. lol not a sales rep, just really like their food.
Thanks Brian, and I love the colors on your Devil! Bright orange!! Looks like a saltwater Girabraldi!
The Luckier the owner the larger the hump Vince! That is what I know. HAhaHa. I just got rid of a Golden Trimera Flowerhorn. It was big and kinda Stupid. Great looking fish though. I think you can train it to swim up to your hand and eat from it, I have even seen them fond of petting.
wow beautiful looking fish .. my fuelleborni would have loved that algae.. lol
Anyone know if a bristlenose pleco would be left alone by him........or would it be an expensive snack?
Update: He's now about 14" long, and even more colorful. About 6 months ago - I went on vacation, and so put about 8 feeder goldfish in with him, so he could eat while I was away.....and all were still there when I came back a week and a half later (he liked their company!) They actually stayed an additional 3 months with him until I just moved him to a bigger tank (90 gallons) Being quite peaceful, I decided to give him some tankmates in his new home (not a great idea) So now the FH and his 2 bristlenose pleco buddies now have 2 parrot friends. (I figured another pretty, but peaceful fish) The problem is - though my FH isn't trying to hurt or eat the parrots....he enjoys bullying them (laying on them, slow motion chasing them, and just intimadating them) He's a bully! So my question: is there anything that I can do to solve this - short of removing the parrots? Last night I added a few dither fish hoping it would distract the FH from his bullying.....but no, he ignores the fast little fish and is focused on making the parrots life miserable. HELP!!!
A month later.....and now they are 1 big happy family! (The parrots still know there place - but they all get along!)
Looks great Vince!!
That's great Vince. Do you have any updated pics of him?
ive had my flowerhorn for about a month and he/she will not eat. i tried everything from flakes, pellets, live bloodworms(which it ate a few) and even live feedre fish. can you tell me what you feed yours please. i dont want the poor guy to starve to death