Fish Dying---Tank Pic | by Jennifer Morford

Fish Dying---Tank Pic

Look how horrible my tank looks right now. A few questions though, should I leave the light off 24/7 or turn on for an hour or so here and there? I'll do another water change tomorrow, but do I need to ad more bacteria again? Should I vaccum the gravel again tomorrow too or just suction out the water? On a side note, three of the FM's and both JD's ate a bit about an hour ago and the Acei had one flake herself! YES! I'm scared all the water changing will stress them out though..yes/no?


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I would just do a complete tear down and cleaning!!!
I would remove the acei because it does not fit with the others.
I did earlier, I pulled it all out and cleaned it with only hot water (rocks and the one plant) but I put them back in so they could hide and the Portal needs a plant to hide it or she'll claim half the tank and all the other guys that are still alive with have even more stress. (weird how we think it all out for our fish LOL ) Or should I just take it all out until they get better and just have them deal with no hiding spots? Also should I turn the 'bubbles' off?
My Acei, "Blue Girl" has been in there forever, she was like my 4th or 5th fish ever. She rules the top of the tank and eats all the food (Normally) Everyone has to stay put for the time being, the other tank is packed and ready for the new house. I'll have a lot more space at the new house to get more tanks and even everyone out then.
Jennifer, it still sounds to me like your beneficial bacteria was killed off, ammonia spike, new tank syndrome, etc,, do you use prime water conditioner? It will neutralize the ammonia, nitrates and nitrites, you must keep adding it daily to your tank, but you don't have to do so much water changing with Prime to control the swings in ammonia, etc, it is worth a try, most LFS should have it, add 3 to 4 times the recommended amt for normal water treatment and keep adding daily, good luck and sorry for your losses...
If they are not eating I would only feed themonly a very little once a day until the water is back to normal. The decaying food will only add to the prob. Get some Cycle and treat it as a new tank. I might cut back one the water changes too so the benificial bacteria has time to do it's thing. ( I am by no means an expert, and am just throwing out a suggestion. But I had a similar prob. a few years back, thats what i did and it seemed to work.) Good luck.
I do have Prime and I've been using it for a few months, I like it. I've only been adding a tiny amount of food in for the Portal, she's the only one still eating as usual. I think the beneficial bacteria is gone now too. The water change today seemed to help and/or taking out the plants and decor that was cleaned with a bit of vingear. The original clean was only about 20-25% and I've done that a thousand times. All the loses are killing me. I've lost over a $100 worth of fish and that angers me too. I'll get some more cycle BX (military store) doesn't have it so I'll have the pay the wallet stealing prices of the LFS, but I'll get some. Thank you all for all of the advice, I had no idea what to do or what it was...had I not had all of you I'm sure the entire tank would be dead! =)
next time if you want to clean plants & big rocks put them in a mild bleach solution ,rinse thoroughly & use a dechlorinater . i'd say that the vinegar is total cause of this problem . good luck