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Nice fish, dogg. I am trying to talk Patty into fixing a 55 for americans. Not sure what all I could put in a 55. Got a little info. from Nathan and he quit on me. I can't get any details from him. Need to get more info, before I do anything.
nice lookin.
Dan, do you do americans or both?
Roger count with some convicts from my part lol!! NICE FIREMOUTH DOGG
upps for got the smillies
In my experience it is very hard to do Americans in a 55 unless you go with non aggressive spiecies like earth eaters & severums or just put a pair of whatever in to breed. If you don't then you usualy end up with one dominating fish and the rest will be in the corners scared to move and attract the aggresers attention because there is nowhere to get away from him. It dosen't make for a very interesting tank and the stressed fish suffer. At least this has been my experience.
Juan, I already have cons, want something else.
hey Roger maybe some FM and Severums would do good on 55
TY Juan, I will concider those as well.
Roger, my american tank is by far the most entertaining. i have jd, gt, tex and cons. they are in a 50 gallon growout but will move to a 125 in feb. they get along well for now.
this is a 55, I have 1 GT 1 FM 1 convict(thanx juan) and 1 silver shark(catfish). There all juvie now, i see how it works out. I know what aaron is saying thats how my african tank was, it sucked. I was hoping these will get along..
No prob roger
want to add the blood parrot though..:-)
No prob DOgg
buen hombre
who u talking to perrito lol do u speak spañol at all??
I want to put a fm, a gt, a tex, and salvani.. If small how long before I have to move them?
u should be fine for about 6 months give or take
wellcome to the dark side roger. started with africans, got one american and never looked back.
They won't replace my Africans, but interesting. More for a tank for Patty than me!
trust me the more time you spend with them, the more time you gunna start to look for a bigger tank. i started with a 30. as my boys started to grow just got bigger tanks to keep up. but i love 'em.
I'll see what she does with it.
just saying they grow on ya. if you look hard at some of my pix you can still see my last african hideing in the back ground.