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I bought 2 of these guys 4 mos ago and they've quadrupled in size!


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I think male.
SRY damien ,, I say def. female
hard to tell on this one if you ask me.
I say Male
I have never seen a male with that much couler on the lower gill plate, but especially when the colour is in elongated blotches and not round spots.. This is female...
I thought female, let me see if I can get a shot of the other one I bought...this is the samller of the two. She's a good inch smaller than theh other one.
It IS female...
this one is kinda hard to sex, but im leaning towards female also.
Cmon Kyle!!!1 I thought you would be one to back me up here!!! Have you ever seen a male with a line of colour on the gill plate like that?????
3000% female. the coloring is nothing like the male jd.
THANKS Brian!!! I'm not big on SA cichlids, but I'm pretty good with JDs..
im not big on them either. but omg. they sold like hotcake out of our shop. anything SA . with our extensive book collection in the back and slow mornings. i slowly made my way through each book. (didnt just look at pretty pics ;) ) LOL for w.e reason "EVERYONE" has been told by one person or another how hard keeping african cichlids are to keeping SA. so i really had to learn my stuff there.
males get longer finns top an bottom ,
Thank you all! I'm glad I was guessing right. I hadn't planned on getting JD's, I let the guy at the LFS talk me into it. Like it or not, I do now love my girls though. The bigger on is much more outgoing and this one is really shy and tends to scram when I get close.
yea wes, the long splotch on the bottom deff. looks female, if there were more i would be sure. but looks female to me.
Ok Kyle!! I WON"T have to come down there and kick your a$$ now!!! LOL
hey bud, if it takes a disagreement on a fish to get ya down here, well thats cool. but when ya get here we gunna drink a lota beer.
WHO ME????? I'm Canadian!! WE are born with a beer bottle in our mouth! LMAO!!
wish a few of you guys could come down now. mardi gras started aleady, parade passing 2 blocks from the house. only reason im home now, me and some buds gettin up way early to go to burbon st. and watch the super bowl. talk about drink like a fish, its 3 for 1 till 9.
Kyle I'm in the FL Panhandle, we have our local MG parades...nothing fancy, but a lot of people go.
i live in houma la. bout 50 miles out side of n.o., we have the second largest mardi gras after it. iv been druving a bus with the top cut off all day, for a buch of ladies that are riding right now. they had a blast. how many parades do you guys have?
I think we have 2...one on Navarre/Santa Rosa Island and one in Ft. Walton Beach. I have a 7yr old daughter and they do parades at school and dress up. It's a fun time of year, my duaghter gets so many beads we end up throwing out last years to make room for this years. Wal-Mart does a huge set up in their stores here too. My fav are the really BIG beaded necklaces. LOL
my buddys mom lives in ft. walton. actually she still rides in a parade down here. think we have 10 all total. it pretty fun. but after the second weekend, your really ready for a rest.
I still say male...no need to apologize Wes...that is your opinion bud.. :)
I agree with Damien = Male
sorry You are wrong here!!!How are you basing this ID?????? It goes against everything !!
i'd say female
Pretty easy: 1)Fairly large blank spot infront of the pectorial fin/base of the gill plate found in males. 2)Lacks the blue "smear" lines on the gills that would indicate a female 3)Has the high body type that indicates male as females have a more rounded face and slimmer body. Here is a female - you'll notice it has the opposite traits of those I mentioned above: http://www.cichlids.com/pictures/pic/jd_female-20.html