Tropheus Duboisi and Cyphotilapia Frontosa | by todd johnson

Tropheus Duboisi and Cyphotilapia Frontosa


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Nice looking fish!
sweet fish!
What do you feed them?
Now thats what im talking about! Nice!
my fish just eat regular cichlid pellets, but sometimes they get brine shrimp, krill, guppies or ghost shrimp
How big is that guy?
they are both over 6 inches probably 8 would be my guess on both of them
i want that duboisi
I didn't know they got that big. I had one but it was really nippy.
ya this is the best one I've ever seen by far, my smaller one's are no were near as good looking plus his fins are perfect, he's probably my favorite fish, super aggressive
Nice fish, Before We got a bigger tank I got rid of my tropheus duoisi because of the high protein I feed to my other fish. I wish I would have kept him now
You bought it like that?
I mean big like that.
no, it was my friends of 6 years and he apparently was over it murdering all his fish and just gave it to me
Nice! Hey, that Petco at the Lakewood mall has a young 7 stripe Front. (almost 8, has faint stripe over head) They sure dont know what they got but being Petco it's still 30 bucks. I would get it but I don't need a grow out and anymore fish. I'm already overcrowded!
holy crap nathan, i would get him but i have no clue where lakewood mall is at ahaha
ya i'll have to check that out, thats pretty damn close to where I live, I'm right by the Long Beach towne center
30 bucks is still expensive i can get them for 10 bucks in los angeles
he's in Long Beach, I doubt you can get a 7 stripe for 10 bucks, definitely a regular 6 stripe frontosa, and if you can get 7 stripe frontosa's for 10 bucks in LA I demand to know where because I'm just down in Long Beach
great fish todd i love them. im just getting into tanganyika i have a few duboisi and a building a 7-8 foot tank and would love to fill it with your fish.what do you have in there?? would love to know. ooh and fellas 30 bucs for a seven bar frontie would be a steal over here i would be paying heaps more for a 6 bar
well the duboisi started getting crazy since he wasn't in a colony and I've since moved him into a tank with, a julidochromis regani, a neolamprologus leleupi, a neolamprologus tetracanthus and a neolamprologus cylindricus, they are all big fish. For some reason he doesn't mind the long skinny fish, but he was messing up everything else so I had to move him, he's very aggressive as are all duboisi
i cant wait to grow my cichlids like yours
i just posted a pic with those 2 types of fish in it
Hello, can anyone advise me what other fishe's could I mix with my Frontosas so it would be a contrast in the Aquarium yet will keep my frotosas from being nipped on it's fins and Tails?
i have baby one with the spots right ????
Claudia...yes mam