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Dual tropheus
Dual tropheus
Dual tropheus
Tropheus moorii
Moliro and Ilangi
posted by: anonymous

Oct 29th, 2006
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Chris Bradbury » posted 2006/10/29 08:05 pm
shane dafter » posted 2006/10/29 08:41 pm
They are beautifull looking fish.
Adam-n-Jenny Kostera » posted 2006/10/29 08:53 pm
Awesome pic.
Paco Rodríguez » posted 2006/10/29 09:24 pm
J B » posted 2006/10/29 09:40 pm
Piscatorial Pastime » posted 2006/10/29 10:58 pm
Alexander Langer (a) » posted 2006/10/30 04:30 am  
beautiful, but be aware of crossbreeding.
joel berry » posted 2006/10/30 06:13 am
what kind are they. they look awesome
suzette schumaker » posted 2006/10/30 08:55 am
Robert Cardoza » posted 2006/10/30 02:57 pm
Killer pic!
John Ramsey » posted 2006/10/30 10:02 pm  
The top fish is a Tropheus Moliro and the bottom fish is a Tropheus Ilangi. I do not save fry, so crossbreeding is not an issue. They are in a 400 gallon tank, and it is almost impossible to catch a fish without taking down the tank.
tonya norman » posted 2006/10/30 10:20 pm
R Mad » posted 2006/10/30 11:07 pm
Beautiful fish. How many Tropheus do you have in the 400 gallon tank? I haven't kept any in a few years, but they are my favorite fish. Do you have other species in with them?
John Ramsey » posted 2006/10/31 10:48 am  
I have around 50 Tropheus of seven types (Moliro, Ilangi, Murago, Cherry Spots, Kizara, Duboisi Maswa, Brichardi Kavala). There are around 50 other fish including shell dwellers, Brichardi (3 types), Compressiceps, cats, and a few Malawi for blue colors.
Chris Lafleur » posted 2006/10/31 02:53 pm
sounds real nice how about posting a pic of the tank
John Ramsey » posted 2006/10/31 04:13 pm  
The tank is posted in the tank section under the name Tropheus Lagoon.
R Mad » posted 2006/11/01 01:15 am
Thanks John. Feeding question, what do you feed the tank with all of the stories about tropheus needing exclusively spiralina food. I am considering a tropheus and cyp tank and the food thing is a concern. It would be a 75 gallon tank. THinking of about 15 tropheus and 15 cyps.
John Ramsey » posted 2006/11/01 10:43 am  
I have had Tropheus for 30 years and when they first arrived in this country, no one knew that they should be only feed veggies. I raised many Tropheus feeding only frozen brine shrimp. I do not believe that they require a veggie only diet. I and others have found that they can do fine with the same diet as other cichlids.
John Ramsey » posted 2006/11/01 10:48 am  
I feed twice daily. In the morning I feed a Tropheus flake I got from Cichlid Lovers. In the evening I alternate between New Life Spectrum, Aqualine Spirilina and frozen brine shrimp. Any diet change should be done gradually. When I get new fish, I try to feed whatever they have been eating. I then gradually change to this diet over a 3 week period.
anthony nguyen » posted 2006/11/01 08:07 pm
those guys e freakin sweet
R Mad » posted 2006/11/01 09:14 pm  
Thanks John. What you say makes sense. I may go for it soon. Lately sand sifters have also caught my attention. I just really enjoy the tangs, so much personality, and more subtle color.
Erkan Sezgin » posted 2006/11/17 07:55 pm
These are my favourite ones, especially ilangi is the best. Hope, you managed to get babies.
Jaison Behanna » posted 2008/12/31 02:02 pm
those are beatuiful, i wish there was more of those around here for a better price, i would do a tank with nothing but those, man i love em, great fish nice pic!
Jonathan stopa » posted 2009/02/17 01:36 pm
scott uradomo » posted 2009/04/10 01:57 am
Jeremy B » posted 2009/06/05 05:17 pm
Sarka Javurkova » posted 2009/12/28 02:18 pm
very nice!!!!!
Jeremy Weir » posted 2009/12/28 02:41 pm  
Yes very nice
Jeremy Weir » posted 2009/12/28 02:41 pm
Stefan Gavriliu » posted 2010/04/26 10:03 am
Fady El-Bahrawy » posted 2011/02/28 04:41 pm
francisco alvarez » posted 2011/07/24 08:10 am
Steve Aldershof » posted 2011/08/11 02:22 pm
duane richard » posted 2012/03/09 08:11 pm
Beni C » posted 2012/08/12 10:43 pm
Sweet I am currently raising 20 2-3" illangies.

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Alexander Langer

Alexander Langer

cool, one of my favorites :)
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Its probably not a good idea if you have it in a tank with gourami & tetras
Dee Casta

Its a jack dempsey
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as said in the other picture, could be true. Aquidens (blue acara) are know
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wow, great colors, beautiful!
Alexander Langer

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