Dovii male and Jaguar Female breeding | by Shawn Maccormick

Dovii male and Jaguar Female breeding

These 2 paired really quick lots of babys all the time cool eh


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those are both manganuese cichlids aka jaguars there is no dovii there but very nice the dovii aka wolf cichlid has a black stripe instead of spots running down side and has colors like green around face blue on fins and some turqouise
haha u dont have to beleive me if u dont want to but that male is a young dovii im possitive lol
those are jags
im still trying to figure out how can people confuse a dovii with a jag specially when they have a pair look very close dude and say whats the diference
in respons to cartagunz I have a [wolf] and I have a [jag] in a 90 gal they are both aprox.11 inches each you are right how do people confuse them! wish I had a pic for all those people
yes they are jags
they are jaguars i have had both an dovis are not as colorful.
Very Nice Pick of your JAGS(NOT DOVII) Dovii males av BLUE FINS n GREEN n PURPLE By der face n av a few spots right through the body, n the female is almost all YELLOW wi green on its face and greenish fins!!!!!! search for dovii pics and youll see for your self!!!!!!!!! END OV also doviis dont hav spots on there fins, and doviis are MUCH MORE COLOURFULL then JAGS!!!
Silence the haters by posting some better pictures. Cause from here they both look like Jags. I have a hybrid from them and it’s an incredible fish