DIY project getting closer to completion.... | by Vincent Steen

DIY project getting closer to completion....

The DIY background is coming along. All 5 layers of concrete done - its siliconed in place with the air tubes behind it - and now in a couple of days I can start curing it. It's hard to take pictures of a tank sitting on the floor!


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cant wait to see it up and running.
excellent Vince, did you get my message yesterday?
Wayne, yes I got your message. I'll probably be giving you a call in a couple of weeks for more food. The colors of my haps are realing coming out. Thanks again. P.S. - how long before lithobates get real blue in the body? Mine has a gorgeous yellow blaze (he looks like a skunk) but his body is still blotchy. Any info would be appreciatted.
If he is showing awesome yellow blaze, he should be ready for color, but it will come slowly without females to entice him. With females, well he would be solid blue already im certain. Glad to know the food is working nicely for you. And just let me know a week prior to needing some so I can have it ready to go.
Thanks Wayne. My lithobates hides most of the time (for fear of being chased by the O.B) but always comes out at feeding time! The O.B. is calming down, now that many of the haps are getting abit bigger than him (although he still chases my 12" pleco back into hiding - whenever I feed the sinking pellets!) I can't imagine him in anything smaller than my 210 - he'd be a real handful - as it is everyone gets along - but they know that he is the king! As for my albino eureka - I'll try adding krill and shrimp to their diets. Since getting your flake and pellets - I've been feeding them that exclusively - except for the occassional ghost shrimp feast! Thanks again! I can't wait to set this 75gal up for my sons flowerhorn!
have you noticed difference since feeding my foods?
great job on the tank.
The colors do seem more vibrant - and they love it. Esecially my flame tail - his mid section and tail were yellow - and now are an orange-red. Thanks again - and I'll be in touch for more.
looking good vincent
It's coming along great. That's going to look awesome when you are done.
great job vincent
awesome.. looking good..
And here it is at the same stage as yours....