Checkboard Discus | by Kevin Nanaumi

Checkboard Discus

One of the newer members of our Discus Family.


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WOW, now thats nice. I see you have a red one too, post one of just that one too.. Love the colors these guys come in.. I have and RO unit, I should try discus some day.. Great pic!!
Discus are BEAUTIFUL but not for beginners!
is that really a pan fish?
Its a Discus
This is a really beautiful fish.
so beautiful
so beautiful
Very beutiful! Some day I'll have discus......
very beautiful...
Very nice.
its like the sun comming down on me!!! ouch Excellent Show !!!!!!!!
OMG!!!! i was going to get was one of those
really nice i have 2 right now plan to get some more soon
Hi, I am a french dude working on a (free) mod for the video game "Skyrim" and I am interested by your picture here : Great picture with Hd quality I really would like to use, if you are agree, to make a texture for a 3D mesh ; final result would be something like : The mod itself would not be distributed with this texture ( as it would grant Bethesda Softworks - authors of the videogame 'Skyrim' - rights on the included materials ! ) ...But instead the texture would be distributed separately in a free texture pack keeping rights and credits. Then, would you be agree to share this picture, perhaps under a licence 'creative commons' ? ( Force anyone using your picture to mention your name ; can also force people to not modify the picture - but I'd need this to make a texture from it - and can also force people to not make money from it - not the point here ) Please, would you mind give me an answer about your picture ? You can join me in using : dZastreux @ progmaster .info Thanks !
Beautiful fish and picture.
Beautiful ❣️