"Catfish" | by Noel Cook


Our cat Stone lounging in our leaky 56g. I even put cardboard over the top of the tank to keep him out but as you can see it didn't work. I guess the cool glass felt good on this hot summer day.


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My white ferrit is always tryn to get in my tank n it's in use!
What species Catfish is that? lol.
Stone likes to walk on our other tanks that are in use, too. I expect to come home one day to find the lid insde the tank and a wet cat. If it happens I hope he learns his lesson....but he probably won't.
Looks like a spoiled catfish to me!
He gas even eaten the gravel!!
thus the name Stone!lol
Ahh channel cat..lol
The other day I was feeding the fish in our 35g and this same cat was laying on top of the cat tree next to the tank and tried to jump on to the tank hood but the lid was opened!!! Good thing I was standing right there and pulled him out. His back half ended up in the tank!
Our white cat Bob is half blind and deaf....jumped on my 75 last night and broke the glass.....what can u do?..LOL
Tim. CRAP ! Just a lid or the tank itself ?