Can someone ID plz | by Miguel Salazar

Can someone ID plz


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And if its a male or female plz... ID....
It kinda reminds me of some sort of geophagus but im just getting into the cichlid game
The person i got it from said it was a Parachromis managuensis but i never seen a jaguar look like this one....
looks jag to me
Looks hybrid to me. Possibly some jag in it
not a jag. its a red tiger. parachromis motaguenis.
This is a grammedoids or whatever the fish that montell wanted to get.
so its a motaguenis is it a male or female?
Too young to tell
Its a red tiger mota just picked up 2
Really montell? Come on!
Tango there very small super small and Iplan to sell most of the fish in my 180 probubly only kepping 5 fish in the tank at a time if tht right now they are in a grow out tank
Thanks for the info everyone