Cam Gillman's early birthday present! | by Adrian Roldan

Cam Gillman's early birthday present!

Got this little cute guy (Paco) for $20 at pet kingdom ...might as well give Cam something that he'll love and especially since he gave me my first cichlid tank! ;D


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Awesome !
He's so cute :D ive got the four teenage mutant ninja turtles!!
awww, I love turtles, look at that wittle face lol. I dont see them anymore here for sale, at least not by me
Cute little guy.
i don't know if it is just my state's law, but I didn't think you could sell turtles that small...
Tang, thats what i thought too. Im pretty sure its illegal, but maybe not in all states? It was like that in Indiana. You couldnt sell tirtles in pwt stores at all
The sale or commercial distribution of viable turtle eggs and small turtles (carapace length less than 4 inches) for use as pets is banned under 21 CFR 1240.62. The ban is based on the Public Health Service Act (section 361, 58 Stat. 703) and therefore applies to both intrastate and interstate sale and distribution. Exceptions to the ban under 21 CFR 1240.62 permit sales of turtles and turtle eggs for use in bona fide scientific, educational,or exhibition purposes other than as pets and of marine (ocean) turtles. Other exceptions to the ban are the sale of turtles and turtle eggs not in connection with a business (e.g., limited sales between turtle fanciers have been permitted) or that are intended for export. The ban applies to small turtles (under 4 inch carapace length) because these are most likely to be held for sale as children's pets, and the purpose of the ban is to protect children from turtle-born salmonellosis.
So is what everyone is saying that I bought an illegal turtle?!
Technically, yes.
Well, I heard its not illegal on all states and if it was, the petstore I got it from wouldn't still be open.
It's called a loop hole... that's how they get away with selling them.
so , that store . . is breaking the law .. nice, real classy!
No... there should be a sign somewhere by the turtles stating the law and that they are selling them for educational or scientific purposes only. That's the loop hole. They can't say for sure what the reason the purchase was... they can only assume you are abiding by the law.
ahhh , i might actually remember seeing a sign . . i'm sure nobody reads it though.
Probably not. Or they just don't care.
i would have cared if the sign was actually readable .. i think it was in TINY letters.
You should be all right, don't think there are turtle sniffing dogs right now, just make sure you keep it and don't release it into the ecosystem. We still have the kids lizards from the school science lab
Haha okay. Because I just want to go to jail (again) its a horrible place D':
Adrian , you're over reacting way too much xD and you were hardly in jail.
Oops I meant that I DONT want to go to jail again xD Cam, its scary...there's. This who kept staring at me while I was in the holding cell xD and while I was sleeping too.
how do you know he was watching while you were sleeping ? ;)
I was pretending to go to sleep and I saw his eyes staring at me! ;D it was 100% creepy