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Breidohri male


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What's the name of the fish in the background???? looks real interesting....
Thanks looks different from the ones I've seen...They grow into bad they don't stay small....
Well there are others on here with way more experience, so they may know if I'm incorrect. That is just what it looked like to me. ; )
It is a Indonesian Tigerfish (Datnoid Microlepis) can get to 14" but will take a very long time to reach that size though :)
its a datnoid and its a brackish water fish.
Not all species occur in brackish conditions, that's a common misconception :)
Really? I was pretty sure they were all collected from rivers that flow into the ocean or around mangrove forests. They may be able to tolerate freshwater, but i don't recall reading where they were collected from land locked fresh waters.
Now this may sound dumb, but I'd figure asking you guys who have already done research on this breed if there are various species and if they all grow up to be Monsters???? Thanks if you can assist or I'm going to have to do some research...
Datnioides pulcher = widebar datnoid, aka Siamese tiger (ST). Datnioides undecimradiatus = thinbar datnoid, aka North Thailand tiger (NTT) Datnioides microlepis = Indonesian datnoid, aka Indonesian tiger (IT) Datnioides campbelli = New Guinea datnoid, aka New Guinea tiger (NGT) Datnioides polota (formerly quadrifasciatus) = silver datnoid, aka American tiger (AT), even though they're from southeast Asia. Tang O, it's the first one Siamese that find freshwater more favourable. Curtis, all will reach of a foot in length.
cant wait to see how the breidohri turns out
Just posted an update Andrea :)