Blue Dolphin Juvie | by Rhea H

Blue Dolphin Juvie


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Nice Moori.. Golds has some really nice fish at really good prices right now.. I got 9 fish and 2 Chemi-pures for 80 bucks!! Chemi-pure is reg price,13.99, its 21 at big Als.
Tyler can get it for you at cost
how much is cost?/
I think around $10??
Ya that is good from Gold
Those 3 inch lithos are only 7 bucks. thats a great deal.. Tons of other cichlids too. Calvus for 12 bucks at over 2 inches..
omg I would love some Calvus
They are really nice too Rhea. Actually they might be comps.. They are called yellow heads and 2 to 3 inches.. that is a GREAT price for them..
Cute little dolphin, good color.