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Blood worm infestation
Blood worm infestation
Blood worm infestation
I have a small problem. I gave Donatello some frozen blood worms a few weeks ago, but he didn't take to them. Well, three water changes later and I start noticing small, wiggly things in the water sometimes. Now, whenever Donny or I stir up the gravel a little, swarms of the wiggly things swim all over the place. I see Donny eat a few of them when he sees them, but not much it seems, the way the numbers have increased. Is this something to be concerned about? I am sure they are blood worms, same size, color, shape. Could they be parasitic? Is Donatello in any danger?

Please advise you cichlid gods!
posted by: jaison bouie

Jun 14th, 2007
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Jerry Goebert » posted 2007/06/14 11:36 pm  
?? I'm suprised. I thought frozen meant dead, dead, dead....
jaison bouie » posted 2007/06/14 11:41 pm  
That's what I thought, too. I am wondering if it could be some larval stage that is resistant? Anyone had a similar problem? Frozen can't mean dead all the time, can it? I mean, they freeze sperm all the time for artificial insemination. Some frogs thaw out during the spring after spending the entire winter encased in ice. Maybe it's not blood worms...I am definitely baffled!
Jerry Goebert » posted 2007/06/14 11:42 pm  
Blood worms are mesquito larva not worms really....I believe they may hatch into mesquitos...or mesquitos may lay more...but they can't reproduce themselves. What other kind of worms have you fed donatello ?????
jaison bouie » posted 2007/06/14 11:46 pm  
Just the frozen packs. They come like 30 or 40 cubes to a pack.

Mosquitoes, huh? Great! Now I am really going to get it!
Jerry Goebert » posted 2007/06/14 11:50 pm  
Are you sure they are alive ? Not just uneaten food, which you need to siphon out. Lots of worms could get established in a tank...but bloodworms aren't one of them. IMHO
jaison bouie » posted 2007/06/14 11:51 pm  
I just read that blood worms are gnat related larvae, not mosquitoes. That was close!

Here is the link:,%20Blood%20Worms.htm
jaison bouie » posted 2007/06/14 11:54 pm  
Yeah, I see them wiggling around when they get dislodged into the open water, but as soon as they touch something to anchor, they straighten out and slither away. These are about 1cm long with a faint pink coloration. Any ideas on what else they might be, Jerry?
Jerry Goebert » posted 2007/06/15 12:07 am  
I copied this from another site. It may give you some ideas

These unsightly white worms are flatworms. They're not parasitic, and won't harm your fish. They're thought to be introduced into the aquarium through food (both live and dried). When water conditions are poor, and contain high levels of nitrates and large amounts of biological matter, such as fish waste, these worms can grow and multiply.

To rid your aquarium of pesky flatworms, try removing all your fish and placing them in a temporary holding tank. Then, increase the water temperature above 95°F for several hours. If this doesn't kill the flatworms, try a water treatment that specifically targets parasites, such as CopperSafe, Clout, or Fluke Tabs.

To prevent future infestation, consider upgrading your filtration system. Undergravel filters are typically not efficient mechanical filters. Aquariums with undergravel filters usually require weekly water changes and thorough gravel vacuuming. Consider adding another filter that employs more efficient mechanical filtration. A canister filter or power filter offers an effective solution. Both are easily maintained and require that you simply change the mechanical and chemical cartridge when it becomes clogged with debris.

Most importantly, be sure to clean your aquarium regularly, control nitrate levels in the water, maintain your filter, and perform frequent water changes to prevent problems with pests like flatworms.
jaison bouie » posted 2007/06/15 12:09 am  
They are also not planaria and nematodes either, I think. They are roundworms, definitely, but long and slender. I will have to keep reading. Thank you much, Jerry.
Juan Damelines » posted 2007/06/15 12:24 am  
i have the same problem in one of my tanks the rocks are black and i see some kind of worms looking thingys but these ones are white even baby Shrimp i have seen in there but is the white worms bad for the fish??
karrie edwards » posted 2007/06/15 12:27 am
planaria is also pink in color, and they can be very long, you have to starve the food source, which is the waste in the undergravel filter trays, i had to take the trays up, and just leave them out, then i used the heck out of some aquarium salt, and raised the heat a little. I still every now and then see one or two her and there, but for the most part they are gone, and keep up the water changes. Good luck!
karrie edwards » posted 2007/06/15 12:28 am  
also your substrate is to thick, try and lesson it a little, and they are not harmful to the fish, so start to work, and have fun!
jaison bouie » posted 2007/06/15 12:41 am  
Thanks, Karrie. I think that is what I will do. I can't beleive I am actually stressed out over Donny!
jaison bouie » posted 2007/06/15 12:45 am  
Oh...the thick substrate? That's just Donny rearranging everything. He's digging a little sinkhole behind the fossilized stump, beneath the driftwood and depositing them in the front. Maybe looking for worms? The angle of the picture is also from the top of the stair case so it would appear much thicker than it really is.
anthony nguyen » posted 2007/06/15 01:21 am  
if the worms r little and WHITE,then they r parasite, ANCHOR WORMS, mardel coopersafe would do jaison
anthony nguyen » posted 2007/06/15 01:21 am  
and trust me those blood worms arent TURNING alive
jaison bouie » posted 2007/06/15 01:27 am  
I don't think they are anchor worms. Donny doesn't scratch. Also from the numbers, if they were anchor worms, he would have been eaten alive by now. Maybe flatworms or innocuous nematodes?
anthony nguyen » posted 2007/06/15 01:31 am  
well anchor worms usually stick to the tank,but like i said any parasite would be killed my mardel coopersafe,just take out any inverebrates and snails.
anthony nguyen » posted 2007/06/15 01:33 am  
OR u can buy a bucket of SALTWATER,and this might sound crazy but i promise u ur fish wont DIE, put ur fish in the bucket for like 5 minutes,and take him out and put him bak into the tank,doin this WILL kill the internal and external parasites,also buy the coopersafe 5.49$
karrie edwards » posted 2007/06/15 03:12 am  
look jaison i just went through the same thing when i had my 55 gallon tank set up, it was my first tank, and man it freaked me out, but all to all the worms wont hurt your fish, you just dont want to let it get out of control? Also, a little secret, dont have your tank by a window, the sunlight promotes growth, just take from me, it was a pain in azzzz to get rid of them, and like i said in my 75 i see some every now and then, and i just deal with them, salt, riase temp., and just keep water good and clean, and right now my tank is over crowded, and i would i need to fix it, or ill wind up with the worms again, lol.
mike good » posted 2007/06/15 05:19 pm  
Bloodworms around here are worms we use for fishing in the Ocean or the Chesapeake. They have little heads that stick out with stingers on em. Sounds to me like someone just thought to call them bolodworms cuz they're red. A real bloodworm contains enough blood you could probably fill up a shot glass with about ten worms. Besides if you want to feed him worms just dig some earthworms up. They're free and your fish will love it, a lot more than the frozen stuff.
harvick fan » posted 2007/06/15 11:43 pm  
seem to recall a episode on bloodworms on dirty jobs, nasty buggers
David Sabourin » posted 2007/06/16 12:23 am  
these worms you are seeing are a result of over feeding.

Just do a substantial water change after stiring the gravel, and feed mimimally for a few days.
jaison bouie » posted 2007/06/16 01:19 am  
David, I am glad you mentioned this because this is exactly what I was thinking as well. Donny does love to eat and his refuse stacks up quickly. I feed him about 15-20 medium Hikari Staple pellets two to three times daily. I have been cutting that down to one feeding to see if the worms decrease with the next two water changes and monitor from there. I've come to this conclusion when before, his droppings were always intact and easy to vacuum; now they break up easily and into cloudy dusts, and the "pellet dungs" are few and sparse. Thanks all for the feedback and please keep them coming in case there is something else I missed.
Jerry Goebert » posted 2007/06/16 12:03 pm  
Your tank look deep. Worms like stagnant water. Try an airstone at the bottom. This will help circulate the water, reduce co2 and increase o2.
Josh Aniban » posted 2009/06/27 10:28 pm  
there are some weird white worms in the walls of my crab tank
13 U L 12 O G » posted 2009/10/25 06:52 am

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