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Love these guys! I just can't help it, we have 6
isn't that a Dwarf Jellybean Convict??
They get huge, like a softball. His tail is a little weird looking, maybe he'll grow out of fish though. There is a little blue in him, he was one of them stupid jellybeans with the ink injected.
I thought they were the same???
!@#$ I think your right Juan. Do they get any bigger
yeah probably 2+ inches give or take some.
juan is right, its a pink convict
Chuck, what is your opinion on what american small fish I can do in a 55 gal? I know they can't stay forever....
roger, you mean small cichlids to keep in a 55?
Chuck, I have cons, I would like to start some americans. I Might have to go with Goe's. I want to put a Firemouth, a Texas, a GT, and maybe Salvani or a Severum. Wouls small ones work for awhile in a 55 gal..