Big Boy. one of my faves | by phlip flop

Big Boy. one of my faves

Never really looked into what he is. we love him though he spends most of his time swimming with the dolphins.


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finally a clean tank
Looks to be a fryeri!
scott if your gonna comment atleast have the decency to explain. i gladly exept your rating. my tanks are clean. my camera is a bunch of turd as i clearly state on most of my pics. like mobile phone cameras are. 30% water change weekly with gravel vacuumed and glass cleaned and any dirty rocks cleaned. can't do much more than that. oh and fry tanks get 20% every other day.
Thanks Karrie for the info.
Nice male fryeri, I had one of those sharks it killed 4 cichlids. I got rid of him.
Ahhhhh Scott sorry, now i know why you have your dress, nail varnish and your marigolds on. I didn't mean to make you cry lad. it was an honest opinion i stated on your pic last night. I just didn't see the point of having both fish in that bucket with the fry. just takes one fish to get stressed and all the fry get beat around the bucket. not a nice situation for them thats all. it may not have happened but it could have. I have explained to you now so you understand my point. i aint arguing with you as i aint that much of a baby. i did have to laugh at the ask mom for some chores hehe. that was soooo funny. being 32 with 3 kids of my own. even the kids had a scream at that one thanks.
Gorgeous Phlip.
beautiful ..miss mine..