Baby OB peacock     male/female? | by Vincent Steen

Baby OB peacock male/female?

This is my baby OB peacock - he's about 1.5" and looks to me like a male. I wish I knew who his parents are.....I think the mom is an albino eureka red, but his father could be anyone! He's coloring up nicely and looking pretty.


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Any way to tell who the dad is? I have an OB peacock in the tank, a tangerine peacock, a blue empress, a pheniculus, a fryeri, a eureka red, an albino eureka red and a couple of dolphins. Any way to ever tell? Of a few "litters" only 3 babies survived, 1- is all yellow 1- is brown just starting to color up with a bit of red (or maybe will be female) and the 3rd is the above OB....any clue?
Hard to tell. Looks small and fins are not extended out but i think it is a little male. Try catching another pic with its dorsal fin perked up.
i would say male also as the fins look pointed to me