Aulonocara "German Red" | by Vince Cooper

Aulonocara "German Red"

the ol' Man


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Hey Vince, Danny boy, Alex, people dont seem to post as much on here anymore. Ive viewed 13 pages, and have already made it to june or july of 2016... What a big change since ive visited last.
i dont like fb or any social media. slows down our speeds, uses our data more, higher rates, making money from our info by selling it. filtering information to social engineer society. ive been using this site as a cloud for years been monitoring since 2005. i love this site. great global comparision for species and the new stuff coming into hobby. people will return to more private sites once they catch on.
Right there with ya john. I have no use for facebook. It usually brings more bad than good. This site is great on so many levels. I wish more people would come back to it.
Hey came back to the this site after almost 4years ...
Feels good