Aulonocara Fire Fish | by ben veasey

Aulonocara Fire Fish

one of those 'man made' species - but if they are male and keep their colour they can add a spectacular splash of color to your tank - this one though is vicious unfortunately.


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WOW!! Beautiful fire fish!! Love the color on this one! My firefish were mean as well!
oh stunning.. love him.. instant colour.. awesome..
Nice color! Looks mean as heck though lol
Nice color! Looks mean as heck though lol
Stunning fish If you get fry let me know..
Love Him wish they would all just get along. No need to fight in tanks unless for girls because there is plenty of food to go around. lol
How did you make the triangle effect at the bottom of the tank? Like it alot
- if you mean the wavey substraight on my other pics, every time I clean the sand I hoover up a certain amount of sand in to the tube and then let it fall back into little mounds - and/ or use my hand to scoop up some in to a wavey look- simple.
wow perfectly beautiful fish!!
Incredible fish!
wow hope mine look this good