Aulonocara 'Fire Fish' | by ben veasey

Aulonocara 'Fire Fish'

very mean, aggressive fish but has held this bright colouring for a while now.


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awsome color
Stunner! I agree these guys are super aggro, mine gets into it all the time with my OB peacock...
I always stick my fingers in their tanks and let them get bit, feels kinda weird, and looks worse, but none of my fish attack me now :(
Very Awesome Ben! I think I might of got some of these, but i have been wrong before too. I am hoping I got a male female and an albino in these guys, Just have to wait til they grow up to be sure
Outstanding. Is that another one above him?
the one above him is a fire fish - but has a white head.
Unbelievable color… Wow!!! I have been trying to find them around my area but no luck yet. If anyone out there knows where I can find these fish in the Boston area, please let me know at It would be greatly appreciated.