Anyone have a clue?  | by Jennifer Morford

Anyone have a clue?

I picked these up today, they were in with the feeders at my LFS. They get their feeders from a company in Miami FL. So they've got to be some kind of American. The LFS store said they come in with every shipment and only a few cichlid people have noticed them. I've been searching for hours! =)


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Does anyone have any spotted tilapia fry pics?
chances are they are native fish. idk what they are but they look cool.
good find, looks spot on to me... pun intended. the markings look excat on them. looks to be a nice fish.
Thank you...They do look cool, but from what I'm reading, if they are ST, they seem to be a real PITA fish here in FL canals. I got 6 of them for $1.25 LOL One was eaten by a 2 inch Acei. I didn't realize she'd think they were feeders. Oopps. I'm surprised too that they don't appear to be native. I went through this site...
Tilapia rendalli
cool fish..They aren't native. They're actually African, not American.