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Any Thoughts/Comments?

Please let us (Carol aka bip and Joey) know what you think of the changes for the contest. Thanks. RULES: 1. The picture MUST be your own. 2. Only two entries per person per contest . Pictures can be older ones or new ones. They can be posted in ANY of the catagories you choose. The catagory combination does not matter as long as you only have two entries. 3. In the "title" field you must type in either "CA/SA Contest" or "African Cichlid Contest" 4. In the "description" field, you must type in either "Judge on Picture" or "Judge on Fish" 5. If you judge one picture in a certain catagory rate ALL pictures in that same catagory (even if it's a low rating) for your vote to be counted. For example, if you rate a picture in "African cichlid contest, judge on picture", please rate every contestants picture who posted in "African cichlid, judge on picture". This will help keep the same amount of votes for each entry. 6. HAVE FUN!!!! *** When you are rating a "Judge on Picture" entry, consider the clarity of the picture, the condition of the fish, and the shot difficulty. *** When you are rating a "Judge on Fish" entry, consider the overall look of the fish in the picture (don't base your rating on how much you like/dislike the species), and the condition of the fish. On a side note to contestants... If we can't see the fish in the picture because it's too blurry, too dark/bright, or your fish is behind a rock and all we can see is its mouth, then ratings for your fish will probably be low. Yes, I do realize that it is the "judge on fish" catagory, but keep in mind, it's hard to judge the fish if we can't see the fish. CONTEST INFO: Contests will start on a Saturday and the results will be announced by the following Saturday, or sooner, along with the date of the next contest. A post will be made to "START the contest", contestants at that point will have Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday to post their entries. A post will be will be made, "END of contest" , and no more entries will be accepted after this post. However, after the contest ends, you still have the opportunity to judge the contest photos until Weds. night. Tallying will begin Thursday.


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sounds good Bip
Sounds interesting to me :) but everyone is not gonna be online at the same time, which will make it harder for people to see all the entered contest photos
I agree with eric. There most def needs to be a better way of looking and folling up on pictures. A notification system would be great. So ppl are aware when comments are made.
Very nice
thumbs up.....lets get it on!
One way to get all the photos into a viewable format do people aren't searching through pages of posts trying to find them would be to either make a "scientific name" for each category so you can click on each to view all the photos in the category. Or, just make a facebook page with albums for each category and post the top three winners in each category on just an idea. I know it sucks to try to make sure you didn't miss someone.
Why does my comment have a bad rating ? I didnt even say anything bad lol
Could have been a fat fingers accident. I've done it once or twice before. I'll hit a positive one to even it out for you. Sorry Joey, I won't be participating but will of course enjoy seeing everyones photos :)
Yeh i have one asnwell...def intentional. Im not understanding. Thought it said fishing for feedback. Thoughts/comments
Dena/mike do you guys have an iphone or ipad or even the old ipod touches that can take pictures ? I post my pictures all on the Iphone
:D thanks Dena
You're welcome. I've got a DROID Bionic and Mike has a Samsung Galaxy S. Honestly, I just got over a nasty middle ear infection and had surgery yesterday to get a tooth extracted and have an infection in my jaw which has me on some jacked up antibiotics and pain killers so I just am not feeling up to a contest.
Ohh glad its gone :) it makes my mom cry some times from the pain. And about the iphone thing I recently just discovered you can post pics with it without a computer lol. I just got the new Iphone update that has the new iphone 5 software, thats why i can use it now to post pics. Saves me time from doing it on the computer lol
I'll be glad when all the swelling, pain, bruising and infection is gone. Fourth and by far the worst tooth extraction I have EVER had. I surpassed miserable before I left the dental chair. What makes your mom cry?
Eric and Justin, I understand what you are saying... during the duration of the contest, contest entries may be scattered over say 8 pages and you'd have to search for them. For right now, we may have to ask you to 'work' at looking for the contest photos. If the contest does well with this new 'set up', I have an idea that I can approach Alex about. So if you'll all please bear with the pictures being scattered for now...
The only other suggestion I could make is that on the last day of the contest, Tuesday, everyone who has entered the contest just edit their picture(s) (if you don't know how, ask, and I'll explain). You don't have to actually make any changes to it, but when you click "save this picture" It will move the picture up to the first page or first couple of pages, but at least more 'pooled' together. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
Eric, our phones have no problem uploading photos, and Dena's Bionic can actually upload from our camera, droids are awesome! With all that's been going on we're just in a hectic whirlwind! Honestly, speaking for myself, I'll do my best to enter the contests when we can get life settled down a bit.
Mike and Dena, please don't feel like you have to rush into things! Take it easy you two, I'm sorry things are so hectic by you. You guys know how much we love your pictures, and there will be other contests to enter them in. Seriously, no hard feelings. Me and Carol are just trying to work things out here.
I also agree with the annoyance of looking for the entires to vote upon. Sadly, I cannot change the format of the site myself, as much as I'd like to. So, for now, just look back on the pages. It won't take too much time, and if we can get a special name or page for our entry photos, it'll probably be after we have a successful contest so that we can show Alex.
Anybody want the contest to start today?