Another pic of Pearl! | by Colton Dow

Another pic of Pearl!


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WOW! very beautiful. how big do they get?
Pearl was 6 inches, they get around that, By the way,it was a MALE
ya i figured that lol its gourgeous what are they called the scientific name i know geophagus
The Latin name is Geophagus surinamensis, all i know is Geophagus means "Earth Eater" And they sure are, also the females are very beautiful
Sorry, it keeps signing me out, i posted that
Amazing color!
Ya,Pearl was the best looking Geo. i have ever seen!
hey, colton. i don't like to give five faces very often but i love your geo and you have given my pictures five faces so i will return the favor. i'm going to post a picture of my geophagus and see what you think. i think it is jurupari but i'm not sure. help me out if you could.
Haha, i very rarely give five faces too.
very nice Colton. I just seen a mating pair at LFS. I dont have any room but I sure wanted them. The male was almost as nice as yours.
They are Monogamous, which is very cool
So paul, do you still doubt that i have fish?
Not everybody fish:) Great specieman!
What do you mean?
I meant its a fairly scarcy fish
Oh, you mean uncommon?
yes Colton, exactly
Okay, lol
just took a little proding to get you to post them. and i'm glad u did they are very nice
you are an animal and i love ya fish
Yahr right Kris, Exactlyi!>;