Angelicus Loach | by Brennan P

Angelicus Loach

I got 5 of these guys in my Mbuna tank and love em..


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What is the difference in a yoyo and angelicus loach?
the markings on the side of a yo yo reads yo yo if you look closely. Angelicus aka Burmese border loach has these markings but they do change quite drastically as they mature and grow.
Hmm, I wonder if the 3 I have are yoyo's or not.
KLook at the markings closely and you can actually see the word yo yo across the side over and over.
yoyo's go through a transformation as they mature as well. mine looks nothing like he did when he was young. the striations get tighter
Yes, I meant that they all do , not just the angelicus. they almost look like a different species as they mature.:)
Well I definitely have 2 yoyo's. Not quite sure about the 3rd.
post some pics.
Angelicus loaches have a double barring. Yoyos are reticulated when older. Love this guy