Albino Red Diamond Peacock female w/ young | by Ron Derrig

Albino Red Diamond Peacock female w/ young

A female Albino Red Diamond Peacock with head & tail fry. Who says a female albino peacock has to be cream color?!?


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SWEET! my female Tangerine peacock just spits out her fries last night! Nice female and cute fries by the way.
Where did you hear the name "red diamond peacock" ? Sounds like your LFS is embellishing.
One of my good friends came up the Red Diamond name. The fish is my creation after selective breeding for the last 4 years. None have been sold yet, but I hope to bring some to the ACA convention in July.
Great looking fish. What percent of fry carry the super-red gene ?
The fry in the bucket are now 4 months old, and all are dark red except for 2 or 3 of them, even the females! They are now about 2" long, and look very promising!
I will take 2 please, thanx.
very cool shot, nice!!
Ron, I would love a couple for my all peacock tank.
Where you from? I agree with Roger. I'm getting a new tank for christmas and am doing peacocks for sure this time.
Good for you Alex..
Whats wrong Roger? Everything ok, either that seemed sarcastic or I misread you.
Alex, by no means Buddy. I am just glad you are finally doing the
Where can I order some?!