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Albino O


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Thanks Dan, but your GT is an inspiration for me i can't wait that mine get the same size
thanks Michael. i wish i could find a decent sized female for him
@ Dan, saw a 5" female yesterday. Too bad she was in poor health... crappy lfs.... the search continues though!
at this point Jerry, if i found a beat up female, i would buy her and nurse her back to health. i have tried every lfs that i know of including big al's for a hundred miles and nothing. i also posted a want ad on kijiji and got one response. i drove for over an hour only to find out they were jds instead terrors
That stinks Dan, I saw a female gt about 6" here last month at the lfs, she was taken pretty quickly
i am patient if it means a quality fish. i looked for a quality male jd for a year before i bought Norman
woah...I guess your way better at that then I am, since I cannot drive myself places, I just have two lfs's to choose from and I pick whichever specimens look the best. When my dad is able to drive me, then I go to fishtown. But hes still not even wanting to drive me to get sand now for over a week, so I'm lost.