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A few of the Cyps


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Nice.. Hello Marti. Good to see my old friend. :)
Hey Roger how are you? Yeah it has been so busy here and so much changing that I ony get on here sporadically :)
I still love all my old buddies on here. Glad to see you from time to time. Bip and I still kick it some. I catch Kylie on facebook. Hope you and Matt are well.
Roger are these what u were referrin to last night on the brief tang discussion
Hey Marti! Sorry I missed you on here. The cyps look outstanding. Glad you posted them. How are things going with the move?
HI BIP! how are you tonight? I am sad to say that these guys will be sold this weekend along with the hecqui, bevis, and ocellatus :( Consolidating tanks stinks...lol
Hi there :) How ya doing? That stinks they have to go. Consolidating is definitely not fun. Did you get the other tank yet?
Yep the other tank is a 220 gallon hexagon and we redid the stand and hood. It is currently sitting in the garage waiting to be set up the 3rd week in April. And then I just have to move the fish after it cycles. Any good suggestions for moving the fish without hurting them? i am nervous since there are so many and they are SO big...lol
Lfs sell 5g buckets. Or get a rubbermaid tote, the smaller size. Would you be able to transport a few at a time or do they all need to go at once? You should also buy, if you dont already have, one of the battery operated air pumps. For the fairly short distance you are going, they should be fine. I moved fish up from florida in one ot the 5g buckets from the lfs, and didn't lose one.
yeah I think I will get several of the totes and then I was thinking about using oxygen tablets instead of the battery operated air pumps. What do you think about that?
I haven't ever used them, but I would think they work well considering that's usually what fish are shipped with. Not sure how hard they are to find. Probably online might be your best bet. I don't think I have ever seen them on any stores shelf. If you are going to use several totes, the bag buddies (I think that's what they are called) would probably be your better option. The battery powered air pumps run about $14 each. Not sure what the oxygen tabs run though. Sorry it took me so long to answer you, phone rang, lol.
lol.....thats ok and thanks....I will look how much :) how are the kids?
They are doing good. They just had a 4 day weekend and weren't looking forward to going back yesterday I was ready though, lol. The weather was really nice here all last week, then rain/snow/sleet moved in over the weekend and dropped the temps back down again. They had spring fever and now are complaining it's too cold for spring, lol. They are sweeties though, they want to take me out for my Birthday dinner "and it's not just because WE want to go mom". How are your girls doing?
ok I found bag buddies on amazon and bought 400 tabs for 12.50 which was with shipping.....not too bad :)
No, that doesn't sound too bad at all. Did it give the description of what they do? Like I said, I think that's what they are called. Wouldn't want you to get the wrong thing. Does it also say how long each one lasted and how many you would need for x amount of gallons?
AWWW they are cute! My girls had spring break last week and I had off with them and then Tues. my sis ended up in the Er for 12 hours due to dehydration from vomiting and so i had her 3 and 1 year old and my nephew screamed for almost thwe whole 12 hours and the 3 year started throwing up too...lol. And then Thursday I Lost my voice all together for 2 days and then my two youngest ended up with the throwing up too.....did I mention is was a rough week....lol!
The description was as follows: Reduce stress in fish Promote slim coat Remove chlorine and harmful metals in the water Add beneficial Electrolytes Add oxygen to the water Reduce ammonia buildup and it said 1 tab per gallon but didn't say how long they lasted but said they worked for overnight shipping.
Definitely not a fun week off. Sorry it was so rough. I hope everyone is feeling much better now. My girls don't go on spring break until the 2nd and go back on the 12th. Do you have plans for Easter yet? I'm probably having the house full again. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a good cook, lol.
Ok, I think that's the right stuff. Hopefully someone might correct me or add their suggestion(s).
either way i bought it...lol. thanks for the help!
Any time, you know that, lol.
I have to work Easter evening but we will do the egg hunt and such in the am. I need to live closer to ya so i can enjoy that cooking too....lol!
Lol You are more than welcome to come, anytime. I would love to meet you and for our girls to meet.
yeah me too! they are all so close in age they would certainly keep each other busy :)
They sure would keep each other busy. I'm going to head off to bed. I hope I get to see you again soon. Wish me luck because I go back to the surgeon on Weds. Don't know what he is going to want to do...ugh! I'll fill you in on an email when I wake up.