90 gallon american cichlid  | by Shaun Krieger

90 gallon american cichlid


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Looking Good!!
great tank
Love this tank.
Clean, aesthetic and classy. Great tank!
Definitely one of the nicest tanks I've seen!
Great set up and love to know your community...Know their Americans....
1 Red Severum, 1 Rotkeil Sev, 1 geophagus pindare, 1 electric blue, 1 santanoperca luestica, 4 large YoYo loaches and a BN Pleco
Love that you only have one of each breed.... Is there a reason for that?????
very nice set up. very nice gold & green severum...i like your decor. wood & rock. have a good time.
Curtis I was tired of dealing with breeding aggression. Although the two Sevs are different sexes. Rotkeil is not really interested in female red sev tho
Super tank.
I love this tank, great work!