90 gal goldfish tank | by Vincent Steen

90 gal goldfish tank

I just finished it! I am more of a cichlid enthusiast(I have a 90, 37 and 210 gal cichlid tanks) but my 7 year old son wanted golfish so..... he got goldfish. I never knew there were so many varieties! So what do you think?


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I like it! Is that background a DIY project?
Thank you, but no. If you click on my name - I have done a couple.....but this one is store bought. Expensive as all heck.....but it is awesome! If I could I'd put them on my existing tanks as well! And like my DIY backgrounds - they hide all the plumbing!
nice but would make a better SA tank
That background is cool.
Hey Vincent, good to see you. Looks good.
Thanks Vince. I agree - I wasn't too thrilled at first when he said he wanted goldfish (and they are sloppy dirty fish!!!) but I was amazed at the various types - and they do have great little personalities.....so I guess I've learned to widen my horizons. But S.American, or even a few Jurapari with a bunch of rainbowfish would have looked roght at home in there! But what my son wants......he gets!
Vincent Patty loves the Red Top Oranda's and Black Moor's.
My favorite is the pearlscale (it looks like a swimming golf ball!)