Just getting started  today  | by Damien Verbakel

Just getting started today

I had a 8foot salt water tank set up as fresh water cichlids tank first time trying no idea and working on rock lobster boats so mixed a lot of fish not much colour in the cichlids. 2nd time 5 years had a bad break up and a heap died in the matter of no time shit filter design was constantly clean the tank 3rd time now learn a few issues but got a lot more to learn but researching it big time now after seeing the tanks on YouTube my children love fish like myself and there a lot older now So no hey dad look giving the fish a bubble bath 🙄 1st tank bubble bath was a loss of about $500 in fish Got weeks any suggestions or anything would help 1 arrange rocks a bit maybe 2 while the water settles Tomorrow making a 2lt dyi filter system 3 Need a new air pump as the air stone running the full length of the back of the tank 4 lighting as I now leaning lighting help bring out the colours going to put blue led lights I got to go around the edge of the back ground poster and select a led light bar full length of the top


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215Lt tank thick glass rounded corners solid tank 😂 A friend drunk the other week tripped over the tank in my driveway when left it out side after was getting cleaned it She took a massive chunk out of her shin and laying on top of it lol not a crack or chip in it anyway at all 😂😂😂
Looks good what fish you planning on stocking in it ?
nice setup