86 gallon South American | by Shawn Maccormick

86 gallon South American

This tanks my Oscar tank but ive got a bunch of juveniles of other fish in here as well to grow out before i move them. Theres 2 red tigers, a huge albino, a breeding pair of jags, a young female dovii,and a young male dempsey along with 2 big plecos, its a pretty crazy tank come feeding time


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Wow! Do they actually all get along? i have a 100 gallon tank and i'm looking into filling it with S.American cichlids And if yours get along all right i might just use some of those combinations and see hoe it turns out. i have a green terror and a torquoise severum that are going to be going into the tank. Do you know of any others that will get along with these fish all right?
I dunno i find my jags get along with anything i put in the tank as long as its big enough and there cool fish, maybe a texas or some dempseys