75 gal tank with DIY background | by Vincent Steen

75 gal tank with DIY background

My 75 gal tank finally done!!! With DIY background and 2 sides and bottom. The lights are a little bright....I may have to replace them. But, what do you think?


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My son wanted a shipwreck scene, and I wanted a natural looking tank......so I compromised and gave him a bit of both.....
how can i get my hands on the background stuff where do i look to find they materials
It's just plain old styrofoam. I had some large styrofoam boxes that fish were shipped to me in that I broke apart and used....but you can go to Lowes or Home Depot, or even an arts and crafts store and ask for large sheets of styrofoam. 100% Silicone, and concrete mix and fortifier and concrete tint if you like, also can all be found at the Home Depot. Other than that, you just need a carving knife and some imagination. I suggest planning it out first - how you'd like it to look in your head - then using a marker - draw on your styro foam the lay -out. Make sure when you are measuring everything out you leave plenty of extra room for the thickness of concrete. But it's rather simple. Their are tons of step by step guides on the internet that will help walk you through it. Good Luck! .....and post pictures!!!
Looks great Vincent,working on my other 10 and 75 right now,was your ph way up like mine,had to do a lot of water changes
Yes, it took over 2 weeks to stabilize. Thats always the scariest part to me.
Did you check out the stand I built for the tanks,I used water softner salt,also to help speed up the process,They sey its helps with the curing also.Great job buddy.What kind of bulb you going with,to help the green algae get started and grow.
This has dual T-6 bulbs. It came with 1 daylight, and 1 actinic - but I thought it looked too blue - so I replaced the actinic with another daylight. I'm not sure I like it either as it's too bright now. I may live with it, and just not replace the bulbs as they get dimmer - I'll figure that one out later. I agree though, that the rocks do look alot more natural once the algea starts to grow, so I may just leave it bright for awhile.... I made sure that on the sides I left enough of a gap so that I can use my algea magnet on the entire front glass (forethought - for once!!!)
M&K - awesome stand! I used the water softening salt also. I don't know if it really speeds things up, but its worth a try!
Kye, here goes mine....
Vincent - this looks great. Do you have fish in it yet?