60g | by Sean Mills


No cichlids in this tank Breeding tank for some CRS, BN Plecos and a Breeding group of L270 plecos(many spawns)


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If there are no cichlids then you must post it under off topic.. i will change this one for you!!:)
Sorry, I thought I did :(
60g what are the dimensions? This tank looks spectacular! Love the plantwork and driftwood. What are crs? And how many bn plecos are in here? Water lettuce on top? Looks great! Keep it up. :)
Does look a lot bigger
Crystal Red Shrimp?
beauty tank
The tank is 48x18x17 custom made, no access from the front and its very difficult to work from-the back with the 3d BG....never mind catching fish :) Numerous Crystal red shrimps 1 adult Male bn pleco, recently took out 4 other adults and I have 5 L270 in there Some Beckfords, CPD, dwarf chain loaches 1 whiptail catfish along with various fry The water lettuce gets beat up, fairy fern does much better...
Thanks Tang. Better guess than i could come up with. Lol
Discus would look so good in that tank . . beautiful
Cool combo sean.
Magnificent tank.
wow nice tank what is the back ground of tank?