58g African Setup | by Fady El-Bahrawy

58g African Setup

Hello all :) after a hard working for 2 hours, now i have this tank ready for Africans. used to have there 2 Fronts & 1 Juli, i moved them to a 70g


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Hello Vince! how is everything with you?
Looking good
Some nice Mbunas would look good in there. What are you keeping?
I am doing good Fady . So busy though with work , family & fish . I hope you & yours are doing well too .
we are fine bud, thx. i was too busy as well last many months, had no enough time for fish :)
you are right Juan, but i used to have lots of Mbunas and Haps before. i was thinking of having Tangs like Lamprologus mix or something
Ohh ok. Yeah it would make a nice lamprologus tank too.
Good job, looks nice.