55gal with Oscar, Cichlids(2), Plecostimus(algae eater) | by undefined

55gal with Oscar, Cichlids(2), Plecostimus(algae eater)


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The big cichlid to the right has laid eggs 2 weeks ago, but they were gone in a couple of days. Why?
Your tank looks just like mine with all the stuff on top.
it definetely lacks background, and fish look scared
To Devious Question, was this there first breed? or it could be that the sucker fish may have got to the eegs. or thay where not fertile, then the perants would eat the eegs. Also, to those who put things on top of there tanks, isent the straps that holed the glass under enough pressure.
Also keep, in mind the light units get very hot, and need air to keep them cool, this depends where you live in the hot climets, would not advise to put anything on the light units. Use commen sence.
DO NOT keep food or meds on a hot surface!! NO common sence here! You can harm your fish fast!! And it looks tacky!!
Jibie, This was the first time I saw eggs from the siver one.
this has got to be the most hideous tank i have had the misfortune to clap eyes on, it is boring, dull and lacks no imagination whatsoever,
one word for this tank [crap].