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Light on please. Would love to see inside.
U need to use the flash but shoot sideways into the tank not straight on.. They are small right now, but later they will get bigger and really fill in the tank.. good choice of ciclids: smile/wink..
Quiet today Barb, good thing. Sleepy day don't feel great aover did it yesterday. I went to the fish store, "ha" first trip out. Would'nt you know it...
A trip to the LFS did U now?? Yes, I would think that might be to much, but aslong as U didnt' bump that knee and took some pain killers before U went Or after, U should be fine.. OK the Knee should be fine.. U are another problem all together.. Good excersize but dont' do to much to soon.. I am doing tanks so I am on and off..
Yes Barb, just a little sore today. Thay said I might be on a cane by next weekend instead of walker. Wasted trip he had no good fish. Patty worked almost all day on my tanks testerday and again today. She is doing great job.
Very nice set up from what I can see n-dogg.
Thanks, much appreciative... I'm happy with it. wasn't happy with the africans. Thanks, Barb ;-)