55 gallon african cichlids | by lar swel

55 gallon african cichlids

Juvie tank.


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gorgeous tank
Nice tank. What's is tge red fish in the upper left
wow, I would love to be one of those juvies... lol
Very nice tank.. Ryan , it looks like a rusty to me.
I can't tell. It looks like a cichlid but the neon re# outline is a bit confusing. I was Jus talkin to my bro bout this. I need some red n my tank. U had a very large red empress but unfortunately lost him. Any recommendations for some red africans
i agree with wes, looks like a rusty.
Not of the tank. Left facing the pic wit the blue fish
im not sure what you are saying ryan???
.Forgive me I am on my phone bc tge weather knocked out my internet. But as u look at the photo there is a fish n the left side of the photo which would b the right side of the tank if u our yr back to the wall. It has a blue fish right underneath. It may b a rusty. It may just b hard for me to c on my phone
That is the one i said was a rusty cichlid.
that doesnt look like a rusty to me
hi ryan. It is a rusty. Was right in a light path so seems extra red.
thanks everybody.
oh ok cool
Ok thanks. Lik I said its hard to make out on a 3" phone screen. Any ideas on some red Africans
I hear "crimson tide" is pretty red.
Outstanding set up.