Convict and parrot | by Rob Kaye

Convict and parrot


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if convicts pairs up...your gonna have problems( even the devil will get his a$$ kicked.. so , i dont think its a good idea...but you could try all the convicts in the same tank( the 55)and all the others in the 75,keeping an eye on the rd
cool yea i kno them convicts breed real easily i have a pair and bout 40 fry in a 20 gallon right now im gonna try and get rid of all the babys and prob the pair and the other female i have to avoid convict overload lol
the problem i was expecting is not the agressiveness they are capable of when breeding toward other fish
I like Convicts, but they will quickly overwhelm a tank and soon the local fish shop will dread seeing you come through the door trying to get rid of them ...
a breeding pair can be real boogers and they arent scared of much if anything when defending their fry ... not too long ago someone posted a picture of two Convicts taking on a Jaguar over twice their size while defending their fry
so i guess i will just keep the pair of convicts on there own in the 20 gallon and just keep a close eye on the 75 gallon i just set it up about 2 days ago and now have the devil 2 parrots and the one large convict in there right now so far everything seems to be going well im gonna put some pics of the tank on here thanks guys for the comments