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4 Rojil

here is the med, i know crappy pic. i am gonna copy and paste the info on it. :) Gentamycin Sulfate Powder 100% USE: Probably the most powerful gram-negative anti-bacterial on the market today. Effective in fresh and salt water aquariums. Only 1 dose is usually required. One of the few drugs that is absorbed into the blood stream through the gills. DOSAGE: 1/4 teaspoon per 40 gallons of water. Only one dose is necessary. Treat one time and leave in water for 7-10 days. If water changes are done, replace the medication according to how much water was changed. pic from: http://www.fishyfarmacy.com/products2.html


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james martin can help U here OR kaybee19.. he has fronts..
thanx gm. the whole story is posted under karrie's double mint pic. :)
Sarah, I have fronts as well can I be of some halp?
Hey sarah, the only thing with using such strong meds, is that it can weaken the immune system more, and you really dont know what is wrong, they could just have new tank syndrome, or just not used to your water yet, and just give it time.
I'm with Karrie - I would just hold off and not do anyhting drastic. Fronts are delicate buggers - I lost a couple of mine in the beginning also. Finally got them eating well know they love sinking protien granuales and sinking shrimp pellets- mine are 3in and under so i stil break things up and crumble them reall good- hope things improve. Good luck
Metro baths work good if you think its bloat. I've had Fronts get it from other fish, but they vary rarely get it on there own.
yes, just dont get them used to eating the worms, then that is all they will prefer, just get their taste buds going.
I would go ahead and treat because in my experience with bloat, if you wait you lose more fish.
yea, i'm not gonna do anything crazy and just watch them real close. it has just been a while now so it makes me worry more. i really like them and roger and info would be great! i appreciate everybody's info!
For fish that won't eat, I have used two meds that worked quite well. One is a sera product "Bakto-pur Direct" a 250 mg. yellow pill (Nifurprinol) dose at 1 tab /10 gallons. twice over 48 hrs. The second is Clout (same dose) The secret is to do it early. If they haven't eaten in a while it's tough to treat them. Fish stores always give a "quick fix" answer (which generally means spending more money at ther store...) I agree with Karrie treating without knowing exactly what's wrong is rarely succesful. Try some more palatable foods (frozen brine shrimp, blood worms, or even chopped dew worms). They may be just "fussy" eaters.
yea, i'll be careful with the worms. if they get any pickier they aren't gonna eat at all!
Do they still eat worms?
thanx james, i did put these meds in last night, but if things get worse or they start acting funny or ignor thier food all together i will get it out with some new charcoal and water changes. has anybody heard of this med or used it themselves???
jon, hey thanx for your advice. :) haven't tried them yet. gonna get them today.
metro is really good for bloat, especially if its mixed with food....i usually mix metro with food and take this syringe thing that goes in side the fishs mouth and feeds them the medicated food.... this website has lots of medications for food and also sell those syringes so you can feed the fish when they are not eating... www.JEHMCO.com
Good morn. all! If a pea work for swim bladder would it also work for bloat?
Good morn. all! If a pea works for swim bladder, would it also work for bloat?
If they do and you get any metro cut the worms up and mix them with metro and feed. At jehmco like christian said you can get it pure 1 tsp will do 164 gallons. Clout works good too. I feel for you because fronts are expensive. Are they all that's in the tank?
thnx christian, i am still not sure it's bloat. they aren't all bloated up or anything. they look fine. it's kind of a weird thing. and i'm not sure about the pea thing! i didn't even know you could give your fish peas until i read it on this site.
jon, there are 2 otter points in there and a big ole sucker fish.
No, a pea won't work for bloat.
In my expeience if left untreated bloat spreads fish by fish until there are none left. Any fish that I've had with bloat get away from other fish and sit on the bottom or stay near the top. They won't show interest in food. As soon as I see this behavior I treat. I never wait. They don't always show a bloated stomach.
Peas will help prevent bloat as they help clean the system. If they had bloat they would not have lasted this long I don't think. Sarah, did they tell you what they fed before you got them. Fronts are more selective than most fish.
yea, they ate the dainichi sinking pellets. i bought some of them, but they won't eat em. they like the new life spectrum ones a little better. have you had any experience with bacterical stomach stuff with your fish??? i have never dealt with anything like that before.
Ever use hydrogen peroxide? As in add a lil to your water?
tina, nope. what does it do???
I deal with it all the time, the trick is to catch it and treat it before it spreads. Is there poop white and stringy and real long, if its not its not bloat. you can add alittle epsom salt to the water which will act as a laxative and might clean them out.
epsom salt is another way to help with stomache problems...it acts like a laxative for the fish, i have actually saved a fish from bloat with epsom salt...i tblspoon per 5 gallons
Back when we community tank I had a problem- I added h.p. to my water and it worked- I am not recommending you do the same. But as we all no h.p. is made naturally.
lol Jon, we think alike!
i would rather do natural! meds do scare me. can you mix the epson salt and the hp??????
I've never used hp and I've never heard of it being used, but it might. I would find out from tina the exact dose because it sounds like it could be lethal if you use too much.
yea, i don't want to make the situation worse!
I just added a very lil to my tank- I never heard of any body doing this - but it worked for my tank- Was your tank set up long enough to add 6 more fish to it?
I would look for the stringy white poop and if they have it I would treat with meds ASAP. The metro is the safest for bloat, and you should bathe and mix with food for 7 days. Use the epsom to make them poop. I am not a vet, but I think that it is passed from sick to healthy fish when they poop, and then the healthy fish puts the poop in their mouth. The stringy poop floats in the water a lot longer and about every fish in the tank will get it in their mouth before it finally gets sucked up the filter. But I must stress in every situation that I stalled or waited I lost fish.
tina, oh yea, this tank has been set up for about 2 years now. i had parrot fish in it and decided to trade them out for fronts.
jon, the poop that i have seen hasn't been white. so that makes me feel alittle better about the bloat at least.
best wishes to you- it's sad to lose fish- When buying online do they back the fish?
some people back them for a few days, but most people will only replace them if they are doa, and you still have to pay for shipping again! crap hu!
That's great, just keep a look out. Sometimes they don't poop at all because they are to stopped up. If you see it and it looks fine you are probably fine- just use the epsom salt. Good luck!
thanks for all jon. :)
Rojil, this is the med i used when i was going through all that with my fronts. i would use it as a last resort like i did, but if you gotta, it did work. the 3 that made it through all of that are great now and getting huge!!! i hope all goes well with yours and if i can help at all just ask!!! :)