38 Gallon SA/CA Tank *UPDATE* | by Derek Ward

38 Gallon SA/CA Tank *UPDATE*

Currently the tank holds: 5" Male Jack Dempsey Cichlid 4" Male Red Tiger Oscar 3.5" Male Convict 3" Female Convict ANNNNNND About 30-50 (rough estimate) Convict Fry The male Convict does a pretty good job at keeping the Jack and Oscar away from the babies. Good Dad. The Cons are a mated pair.


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Looks great but plan on either separating them soon or getting a way bigger tank.
Yeah once the Oscar gets bigger I'll separate them.
Very nice set up. Oscars grow FAST, so you might want to consider looking/acquiring now so you'll be ready.
my oscars have doubled in size in just over a month and a half.
Got to agree... the oscar I had graduated from a 29 to a 90 in a year's time. What kind of lighting is that? It looks like some kind of spot light like in track lighting...
Dena, it's a Marineland DoubleBright LED light that has regular bright lights and moon lights, the regular lights look like actual sunlight in the water.
Very nice. Agree with bip plan on a move sooner than later.
I certainly am planning on that...the problem is convincing my wife that I'm going to need another tank for the Oscar and her being "OK" with me getting another. I've got 4 running right now and she thinks it's too much. Pssssh.
My wife has never liked fish that get over 3". When we got our new place and I got my 125 gallon, she bought me the oscars for it. That blew my mind. If you can find a fish that she likes from South America and that gets along with oscars, maybe that is your gateway into a bigger tank?
Well she loves the Cons, and they just had a ton of fry. I'm seeing a plan here. Thanks, Tang!
Tank looks great
I have a 38 gallon bow front aquarium can I keep 2 pair of convict in my aquarium