350 Gallon Tang SOLD :( | by Marti and Matt

350 Gallon Tang SOLD :(


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wow stunning!!
That is such a nice set up!
Very cool set up!!
Very cool, I would like to get one of these 350gals for my basement down the road. Just awesome!
Very cool
wow. id stare on that d whol day
would love a tank this big, really nice.
Holy crap that is sweet
Hello my dear friend. It is so good to see you on. It is always a treat to see this tank.. Hope you are well Marti..
Loved this tank for a few yrs now...Nice to see you still have the same group :) The cabinetry is awesome.
Hi guys and thanks for the comments. Have had this group for awhile now and they are all doing well.
HI BIP! I posted some pics today since I promised you...lol
Mornin Marti! How are ya? Thanks for posting some. I haven't gotten to them yet but I will be sure to look for them. You know how much I love this tank, lol. The fish are looking so good. Getting big. Glad to see you still have all those clowns in there.
Glad to see ya back!
Good morning Bip how are you?
Hey bip how are you? Well the people come next weekend to pick this monster up. I sold the 100 gallon 2 weeks ago and did the fish transfer into the 350 and now this Wednesday I have transfer all these guys into the new 220 at the new house....talk about busy...lol. I am really sad that this has to go but the new tank is really gorgeous although smaller :( I need a little advice too if you dont mind......
i would miss this tank too, cant wait to see the other tank though
Hi Marti! I'm doing so so, (I have to fill you in on what we were talking about in the last email). How's you? I'm so sad this has to go. I LOVE this tank. Yes, you will be very busy. How much fun it's going to be to try and catch all the fish in the 350. You're going to need tag teams with a dozen nets, lol. Sure you know if I can help I will. What's up?
Nothin major I am just struggling with trying to decide what fish to keep and which to rehome (if I have to). So....the new tank is 220g and I am definately keeping the 9 fronts and 8 calvus and 2 comps. I also have 11 clown loaches and a ton of misc tangs. I am seriously trying to decide if they will all fit or if I should just keep it to the fronts, clowns, and calvus. What do you think?
Hmmmm... Knowing me, I would try to keep them all and see how they get on together in the smaller tank (if you think they would all fit comfy enough). You could always 'weed' out from there if you needed to or had to.
yeah I suppose that is true....did I tell you that my brichardi have about 40 fry? lol....they are about 1/2 inch....wonder how many can be saved? I am def. rehoming my silver dollars and my cylidricus and I have WAY too many catfish so prob. should rehome them too.....who knows....lol....thx though! How was easter?
That's a good way to do it. Clearing out what you know you want to. Might look almost bare in the 220 after and you'll be able to keep the others with no probs. Easter was CRAZY! But it was really nice. I had 14 people here, 15 if you count the newborn. Had to do two seperate egg hunts, one for the younger kids and one for the older ones. Usually they do it outside all together, but since we had thunder storms, they were inside. How did yours go?
mine was simple and fun.....had to work in the evening so no fancy dinner but the morning was good. I will try to take some pics this week of the new tank and post them. Keep me up to date on the e-mail stuff.
I forgot you had to go in, that stinks. Glad you got to enjoy some of the day though. I can't keep my eyes open right now, but when I wake up I'll send you an email. I can't wait to see the new tank. I'll talk with ya later. Have a good one.
Marti, sorry you are having to down size. I would consider maybe the Brichardi going in the smaller tank. That could be where most of your aggression might come from in a more crowded tank. Just thought I would let you know, due to them being mean when spawning. I hope the move goes well.
I'm sure your new tank will be awesome too :)
I've always loved this tank, especially watching it being put together from the beginning. Sorry you're going to be getting rid of it. :(
Sorry to hear you have to let go of such a beautiful tank. :( Sure the 220 will be nice though! :)
Seen this pic and comment that came to me was WOW, How long have you had this tank now? Then I read you were down sizing...hate to see it go (tell the new owners about this site so they can post some pics of what they do with it) I agree with Bip, keep them all then weed them out...it really sux having to choose which to keep & which to let go. (it will be easier to justify who goes by who becomes the biggest butt head. lol)
awesome tank
Great set up sorry you sold it